Free software: digital sound for 16mm + single frame animation

From: Zach Poff (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 04 2008 - 12:28:29 PST

Hi folks. I just wanted to let people know about 2 (free) apps I made which
might come in handy:

Film-O-Sync allows you to sync digital sound to 16mm projection (after some
modification to the projector). We use it at Cooper Union Art School in NYC
and it seems to work quite well. It was born out of my frustration with the
lameness of optical sound and my desire to encourage more students to show
their work on film (even reversal with tape splices beats video!). It's
really quite nice to see a crisp projected image with stereo digital sound
(and surround would be an easy option for future versions).

SingleFramer is a (DV camera) single-frame animation application. It's
similar to FrameThief and iStopmotion but with less features (and it's
free, of course).

Anyway, here's the link.



For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.