Damn it Apple!

From: Michael Wechsler (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 16:06:15 PST

I know this is a discussion list serve and not necessarily a tech
support forum, but I think this problem is potentially widespread
enough to warrant a warning to those who use Quicktime and After
Effects on a regular basis.

In their latest update to Quicktime (7.4), Apple included DRM
checking software that is designed to prevent rented movies from the
new Itunes movie store from being stolen. All well and good, except
that this update effectively breaks After Effects' ability to render
a file for more than 10 minutes at a time. In essence, after 10
minutes of rendering, Quicktime will check the file and (since the
file is not done being written and doesn't have the correct meta data
assigned to it yet) lock down the read and write permission to the
file causing the render to hang at 9:59 in. I haven't checked to see
if this effects Final Cut or other programs that render video yet,
but I can confirm the After Effects problem and would assume that it
applies to other programs. The work around (besides downgrading to
7.3) is to export an image sequence in either Targa or JPG and then
have Quick Time Pro assemble it into a movie file for you. A serious
pain indeed.

So if you haven't updated your Quicktime lately, don't do it! It's
not worth the hassle! That's all.

Mike Wechsler

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