Re: Print source: Robert Kramer's Route One/USA

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 30 2008 - 03:35:12 PST

Here is a print source for ROUTE ONE/USA: đemail suppressed­
or 011 33 1 44 52 23 33 (Cathrine's direct line)
also the film was shot in super 16, so it will be either a 35mm copy or video
- Keja Kramer (via Pip Chodorov)

At 8:32 -0600 25/01/08, Benjamin Gerdes wrote:
>Dear list,
>I'm looking for a 16mm print of Robert Kramer's
>"Route One/USA." I'm aware of the French DVD
>and some other low-res digital versions, but is
>this available in the actual USA to screen on
>film? Filmmaker's Coop has the early films (up
>through Milestones) but not this one.
>I'm in New York and have little in the way of
>rental budget, but if someone in the city or
>nearby has access to a copy I'd be very
>interested in trying to work something out.
>Benj Gerdes

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