Re: Wees on Ahwesh / Nicky Hamlyn

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 24 2008 - 17:04:59 PST

I've been laughing at this thread all afternoon. If I
didn't know better I would think that people were
posting things to say "wake up Freya and get back to

I had an awful day dealing with some stuff I have been
trying to sort out for weeks and early this afternoon
it finally all fell so badly apart that we ended up
cancelling it all which puts me in a messy situation
in the near future but I'll work something out I hope!
I was really down about it all at the time as I hoped
to have it finally sorted today. I wasn't sure whether
to laugh or cry when the woman commented that I was
having fantastically, bad luck after the weird chain
of events reached their ultimate conclusion.

Anyway then I immediately started getting all these
strange little emails about, books and critical
analysis and canons and it was like getting little
reminders about getting my head back where it ought to
be and getting back to work.

So thankyou to everyone who has commented on this and
Nicky I'm really glad you sent that mail to the list
as it's made me think a lot more about canons. I quite
like your outlook on canons too, I'm not sure I agree
with your view entirely because it's kind of the whole
point of canons in a way that somethings are canonical
and others aren't. So it seems to me that
traditionally they are quite negative, but maybe as
you say they shouldn't be, maybe we need to think
about them in a whole new way and not take them so
seriously and instead see them as being more like "my
top 10 favourite seven inches" or something. I'm also
now starting to think, what if we had a diversity of
canons? Presently we don't have enough I think and
it's difficult as it would require a lot more work,
but maybe we could have a book of canons or something
where a diversity of views are all in one book. A
chapter for each different canon. Maybe we need to
just see it all a different way.

Anyway I'm still thinking about it all so I'm sorry my
views are not that well formed on this yet. It's great
to have this list here tho so that people talk and
communicate about these things.

Thanks again also to Dr Wiliam Wees who has helped me
out on this again it would seem! :)

I actually did manage to make it to the library after
all the prompts and did a little work. I unfortunately
ate a whole box of jaffa cakes to try and cheer myself
up and when I finally got up to go home the library
was deserted. Eerily so I'd never seen anything like
it there before and then I got into the lift. It's a
bit of an odd and crazy lift as occasionally, when it
feels like it, it will say in that funny voice "4th
Basement" when you reach the 4th floor. Today it did
something quite special however, on arriving on the
ground floor the doors opened slowly and it said "13th
floor" (there are only 4 floors). I stood there and
didn't move for a few seconds. Had I really just heard
that right? I definitely had, ground sounds nothing
like 13th. I finally stepped out nervously onto the
completely empty and silent ground floor, the doors
shut quickly behined me, a solitary security guard
stood just outside the desk looking puzzled and in
another world. I got his attention and tried to
explain to him what had just happened but I could tell
he didn't really understand, so I wished him good
night and stepped out onto the dark street to make my
way home...



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