italian e-revue on exp cinema Les Intrigues

From: Nicola Borrelli (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 22 2008 - 23:53:56 PST

Les Intrigues - Anno Zero
Italian Free Critic e-Revue on Experimental Cinema
Dear Frameworkers,
Les Intrigues is about to come to light.
It's an experiment and that's what it would like to remain.
We need your words, your thoughts, your works, your advices, your reproaches
to breath life into it. We need Frankenstein's lightning.
Les Intrigues is a tribute to the wonderful Adolfo Arrieta's 'Les Intrigues
de Sylvia Couski'
a film we all love deeply. Thank you in advance and don't give up
Hear from you soon,
Les Intrigues Team
in collaboration with Lucca Film Festival, Re:voir Vidéo, La Enana Marron
ps: The Longest Journey begins with but a single step. (mao tse tung - I
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