Re: guillotine splicers?

From: Jason Cortlund (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 21 2008 - 10:08:23 PST

Hi Jeanne--

Try the following CHOWHOUND thread for some BK sharpening shop recs:

Sounds like you might be wary of the mobile sharpener in the red truck. I
think the trucks are seasonal anyway--hard to make a straight edge when your
hands are shaking.

While I'm not a pro, I've been sharpening my kitchen knives for years (also
an ex-cook). I just looked at my splicer, and I'd be wary to try it--the
cutting edge doesn't feel anything like a traditional blade taper to me (at
least on my model).

You might think about looking for a replacement arm or "tune-up" kit
instead. I found this resource for Ciro splicer parts and kits, just as an
example: <>. A bit spendy, but there might
be cheaper options for replacement parts out there.

Hope this helps,

Jason Cortlund

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