More Rotterdam Screenings

From: Cybelle (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 20 2008 - 21:59:28 PST

Greetings Frameworkers.

I noticed the wonderful screenings mentioned in Rotterdam and wanted
to call your attention to another programme that includes one of my
films. My 16mm hand processed & painted short film from 2000, "The
Shape of the Gaze" -
will screen at the 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam on Jan.
28th at 8PM and Feb. 1st at 4PM. Phil Hoffman will be in attendance
and I encourage you to attend.
More information:

Here is the complete programme:

Filmfarm Touch
Films from the Independent Imaging Retreat, Mount Forest, Canada.
Curated by Philip Hoffman.
> Across Cara Morton, Canada, 1997, 4'
Across is shaped through unity; a film about crossing a bridge. >
> Towards Everyday Lightning James Gillespie, Canada, 2003, 9'
A flashing ambiance, embodying rhythm, tone chiaroscuro and contrast,
plays on 'enlightenment' as an elusive but ubiquitous possibility. >
> We Are Going Home Jennifer Reeves, USA, 1998, 10'
A gorgeous surrealistic film that has all of the characteristics of
the trance film, structured around a dream sequence that has no real
beginn... >

> Scratch Deirdre Logue, Canada, 1998, 3'
Scratch conveys the film maker’s physical insertion into nature, only
this time the experience is not sensual release, rather it is a
sadom... >

> Minus Chris Chong, Canada, 1999, 3'
A hand-processed, unedited stream of movements. >
> 5 Spells Helen Hill, Canada, 1999, 5'
Five spells become five prayers. Dedicated to tragically murdered film
maker Helen Hill. >

> Behind This Soft Eclipse Eve Heller, USA, 2005, 5'
Behind This Soft Eclipse is a film poem of the utmost subtlety and
finesse, in which images emerge from black only to vanish again. >

> The Shape of the Gaze Maļa Cybelle Carpenter, USA, 2000, 7'
A sort of short manifesto of radical queer film making with variations
in colour and film surface. >

> Taking Pictures Scott Berry, Adam Segal, Canada, 2004, 3'
Nostalgia isn't what it used to be. >

> Hardwood Process David Gatten, USA, 1997, 14'
A history of scarred surfaces, an inquiry and an imagining. >

> Phil's Film Farm Film John Porter, Canada, 2003, 11'
A poetic document of the 2002 edition of Film Farm in which the film
makers and the setting are laminated in gorgeous black & white in-
camera multi... >

> Fall Deirdre Logue, Canada, 1997, 2'
The film maker falls over and over again to become one, in a humorous
and bruised way, with the land. >
> Opening Series 3 Philip Hoffman, Canada, 1999, 7'
Opening Series 3 explores the relationships surrounding language,
image and sound, set to the backdrop of a gravel-pit. >


Maļa Cybelle Carpenter
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