Films That Can't Be Told - Rotterdam Film Festival

From: Mark McElhatten (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 18 2008 - 16:04:51 PST

Dear Frameworkers,

If you are residing in the Netherlands or neighboring countries or
planning to travel to the annual International Film Festival Rotterdam
I would like to bring some programs to your attention.

  IFFR 2008 will be featuring Directors in Focus and Free Radicals
programs curated by Edwin Carels:
5 Programs with work by ROBERT BREER with the artist present.
CAMERON JAIMIE will be present with a host of special presentations.

There will also be exciting recent work by James Benning, Ken Jacobs, ,
Abigail Child, Ben Rivers, Super 8 Japan
  A special series devoted to the work of Paul Sharits curated by Yann
Beauvais workshops and presentations by METAMKINE, Tony Conrad and
At the beginning of the Festival January 24 to 29 marks the days of
the short and experimental festival within the festival SHORT AS LONG
AS IT TAKES curated by Peter von Hoof and Erwin van t' Hart.

I will be presenting these five programs entitled FILMS THAT CAN'T BE

CHALK MARKS IN THE RAIN Lantaren 2 - Thursday 24 20:15 and
Saturday 26 11:45 Lantaren 1

Vincent Grenier - Armoire
Mary Helena Clark –After Writing
Ernie Gehr- Shadow
Ben Rivers House (single screen version )
David Gatten How To Conduct A Love Affair
Abraham Ravett Tziporah
Robert Beavers Pitcher of Colored Light

SHIPWRECKED BENEATH THE STARS PATHE 6 Thursday 24 16:15 Lantaren 2
Sunday 27 11:45

Jeanne Liotta,- Observando El Cielo
David Gatten What The Water Said
Peter Hutton At Sea

  Lantaren 2 Friday 25 11:45 Monday 28 4:15

Leslie Thornton The Expiration
Anonymous Bergamasque
Jonathan Schwartz
33 1/3 series (selected films)
Ken Jacobs Nymph
Fern Silva Notes from A Bastard Child
Ariana Hamidi A Covenant Adam
Mark LaPore The Five Bad Elements

WHITEOUT IN THE BREADOWN LANE Lantaren 2 Friday 25 22:30 Saturday
26 14:15

Jessie Stead Foggy Mountains Breakdown More Than Non -Foggy Mountains
Jessie Stead and David Gatten Today!

ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT Lantaren 2 Saturday 26 22;30 Monday 28 12:00

Luther Price Singing Biscotts
Luther Price The Mongrel Sister
Luther Price A Hallow Kiss for Mark LaPore
Ben Russell –Black and White Trypps Number 4 (Richard Pryor)
Michael Robinson All Through the Night
Darcy Shreve Zelienople
Luke Sieczeck- Phantom
Phil Solomon Rehearsals for Retirement (from In Memoriam: Mark LaPore

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