??Fwd: Goodnews, Withoutabox.

From: Dara G (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 17 2008 - 09:46:23 PST

I just got this announcement in my inbox...do people agree that this
is "good news"?

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Withoutabox" <email suppressed>
> Date: January 17, 2008 11:39:02 AM EST
> To: "Dara" <email suppressed>
> Subject: Goodnews, Withoutabox.
> Reply-To: <email suppressed>
> Goodnews,
> Withoutabox
> Dear Dara,
> We're happy to let you know that Withoutabox has reached a
> definitive agreement to be acquired by the Internet Movie Database
> (IMDb), an Amazon.com subsidiary. This presents a great opportunity
> for all our independent filmmakers, festivals, and industry
> professionals. The new arrangement preserves the vision that
> Withoutabox has championed for eight years, teaming it with the
> Internet's number one destination for film lovers and film insiders.
> As Filmmakers and self-distributors, you can look forward to more
> ways to help reach your audiences and monetize your work.
> As Festivals, you can look forward to more powerful tools to scout,
> collect, select, and schedule films, plus access to a vast audience
> of movie lovers that only IMDb can deliver - more than 50 million
> visitors a month.
> As film Sellers, Sales Agents, and Acquirers, you can look forward
> to unprecedented information, discovery, and connectivity at your
> fingertips, across the entire landscape of commercial and
> independent film.
> The day-to-day operations of Withoutabox will remain much the same,
> including the entire management team, our experienced staff, and
> the dedicated customer service you love.
> We look forward as always to seeing you at festivals and other
> industry events.
> Happy New Year. Here's to new beginnings!
> All the best,
> Your Withoutabox Team

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