Re: Auricon video transfer

From: Jeff Kreines (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 15 2008 - 05:53:51 PST

The Auricon TVT shutter (144 degrees for NTSC) was designed to
capture every other field of video -- to get both fields it would
need to be a 288 degree shutter at 24 fps, which isn't easy to do.
W.A. Palmer's Kinescope camera (which DuArt still uses) had a super-
fast and super-noisy pulldown and a 288 degree shutter, so captures
both fields.

That said, if you don't nee to do realtime, you can probably get
better results shooting a higher-res LCD screen a frame at a time.
Actually, you can also shoot an LCD in realtime, since it always has
an image -- very useful for some things -- so theoretically you could
shoot a 24 fps film of an NTSC or HD LCD screen in realtime, though
it probably will have some weird motion artifacts occasionally.

Shooting an LCD frame-by-frame works very well -- I used to make a 4K
resolution 35mm film recorder with a 4K LCD panel, and the results
were better than Arrilaser transfers in some tests. Sadly, the 4K
LCD was discontinued. That's ok, there is a newer faster recorder
I'm working on that will be even better.

Jeff "too much machine building, not enough filmmaking" Kreines

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