Re: exp work on disasters?

From: Caroline Koebel (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jan 11 2008 - 08:20:08 PST

Hi Dara!

What about George Kuchar's WEATHER DIARIES???

Also, do you already know the OTHER brilliant film by the Brit whose
PUNISHMENT PARK resurfaced recently?:

Peter Watkins THE WAR GAME (1965)
By late 1964 Harold Wilsonıs newly elected Labour Government had already
broken its election manifesto to unilaterally disarm Britain, and was in
fact developing a full-scale nuclear weapons programme, in spite of
wide-spread public protest. There was a marked reluctance by the British TV
at the time to discuss the arms race, and there was especially silence on
the effects of nuclear weapons - about which the large majority of the
public had absolutely no information. I therefore proposed to the BBC that -
using one small corner of Kent in southeastern England to represent a
microcosm - I make a film showing the possible effects, during an outbreak
of war between NATO and the USSR, of a nuclear strike on Britain.

--continues at PW's site

More by PW on War Game: The second film was the first of my works to
deliberately mix opposing cinematic forms (in this case, a series of static,
high-key lit, recreated interviews with establishment figures, colliding
with jerky scenes of a simulated nuclear attack). Which - if either - was
'reality' ? - the fake interviews in which people quoted actual statements
made by existing public figures, or the newsreel-like scenes of a war which
had never taken place?

happy 2008, Caroline

On 1/10/08 12:34 PM, "Dara G" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Hi again,
> THanks to all who responded to my last inquiry.
> I am teaching a class about film/video and the representation of
> disasters (specifically nuclear and environmental)
> I have lots of docs and hollywood features but feel that there must
> be more experimental work out there dealing with these themes.
> If anyone can recommend anything that would be great!
> Thanks
> Best, Dara
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