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From: William Wees, Dr. (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 08 2008 - 12:47:44 PST

David Curtis's new book "A History of Artists' Film and Video in Britain" (BFI, 2007) includes some information on pp. 36-37, 70 and 71. And you might try contacting Curtis directly (sorry, I don't have his email address).

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Subject: Circles and St Jude
I'm presently working on my dissertation which I now
have less than a week to write! Yay! ;)

While reasearching I have frequently come across
referances to "circles". The group is mentioned a few
times in the David Curtis book "A history of..." and
I've just opened the Peter Gidal book "Materialist
Film" for the first time and seen a referance there

From what I can tell neither book seems to have any
details about the group and so far I havn't managed to
find any information. Does anyone here know more,
either suggested books where I might read about the
group or even personal experiences of anyone who knew
anything about the group, or even failing that if
anyone who knows of someone who might have been
involved who I could contact briefly to chat about it?

Perhaps if anyone even knows how I could contact Lis
Rhodes who was apparently a founder according to the
Lux website?

Any information would be welcome. I know virtually
nothing about the group, including even if it is still
going or if not what happened to it. It's intresting
because I knew quite a bit about the film co-op and
even a tiny bit about the free cinema movement but I'd
not even heard about circles till it was mentioned in
these books.

I've come across some amazing and wonderful books in
my reasearch and will be telling you more about them
soon when I have a bit of a moment (er now is not a
good time!) ;) but if I had one big criticism of the
David Curtis book (which I'm loving actually!) it's
that it seems to stress the importance of circles a
few times but then doesn't really tell us anything
about it or its history.

Also if it's not being too greedy, if anyone wants to
tell me more about London Video Arts, I'd love to hear
about it. I know a little but would love to know more!
That's less important tho, although I guess it might
also be useful but I'm mostly just really, really
curious about it. ;)

Hope someone can help in any way. I might just not be
looking in the right places!



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