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From: Clive Holden (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Dec 26 2007 - 10:26:34 PST

I have one and it's a very good camera for the size and money. That
said, the 24p (supposedly more 'filmic') mode is very difficult to
edit with, and I don't recommend using it unless you feel you have
to. I used this camera for a work that was a mix of Super 8 film and
video, so I shot in 24p to have the same frame rate as the film.
Turns out it somehow has a 29.97 format wrap-around, which is the
only way to import it into an editing program, and a lot of hassle
then ensues to get it back to 24 without interlacing. BUT, the
results from shooting in 29.97 are quite remarkable for the price and
convenience. The big caveat maybe goes for all HDV cameras (I haven't
tired them all), in that it doesn't handle movement very well. For
that you need more money, or... to use film, of course, for those
shots. I can definitely recommend it over-all.

On this page, the still images on the left were taken with an HV20,
if that helps:
images1.html . They're still video, but pretty good.

On this page, the footage on the right was taken with an HV20: http:// (you
need a wide screen monitor to see the whole page, but in this case
you can scroll sideways).

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> Frameworkers,
> I'm looking to buy a consumer-grade HD camera, and the Canon HV-20
> has been recommended. Can anyone comment on it?
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