Re: Customs problems?

From: Jason Cortlund (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 23 2007 - 12:13:47 PST

In my experience, customs officials typically re-seal packages after
inspection. I'm interested to see if anyone's received packages that have
been left open--not resealed. Like I said, with one package I lost a video
print (just a mini-DV copy, but it will still cost ten dollars to replace
it). Doesn't make me want to ship a film print abroad any time soon.

Any similar stories to share? If these are just two random, isolated
co-incidences, then I'm happy to put my suspicions to rest.


Jason Cortlund

On 12/23/07 2:34 PM, "Jorge Amaro" <email suppressed> wrote:

> I am not in the US, but the customs usually open every package that is
> marked as video or has any substantial volume, as to apply an import
> tax if needed. They do this to any package that comes from outside the
> European Union. I quite frankly dont think they will examine the print
> for contents, unless they are suspicious about something, this is in
> Europe but I am sure it also applies to the US.
> j.
> On 23/12/2007, Jason Cortlund <email suppressed> wrote:
>> Hello Frameworkers:
>> I just wanted to compare notes with anyone who might be having similar
>> problems. I hope this doesn't sound too paranoid, as I'm not someone who
>> usually worries about these kinds of things.
>> Twice in the last month I've received return packets from international film
>> festivals (in Canada & Greece) that have been completely ripped open in
>> transit and not resealed. The first occurrence I chalked up to the poor
>> quality of my local post office in Brooklyn, even though I lost a video
>> print. But after getting a second packet that was opened in a similar
>> manner, I had to admit that the opening didn't look accidental or done by
>> machinery. And since the film in question is a critique of torture and
>> America's presence in Iraq (albeit it, a fairly abstract critique), my
>> unease is not subsiding.
>> Without getting into Big Brother theories, I just wanted to know if anyone
>> else in the US has experienced anything similar lately with international
>> mailings from festivals.
>> Best regards,
>> Jason Cortlund
>> Brooklyn, NY, US
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