Help keep Independent film theaters alive

From: Sonali Film (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 16 2007 - 13:10:51 PST

We're seeing this happen across the country. It was
heart-breaking to see what happened to AIVF (even
though it's not a theater). Let's all rally and keep
this place alive. Every cent counts! Please donate.

This is an amazing theater. I've watched almost a
hundred films here over the years.

Maybe a group of filmmakers on this listserv can
donate their films for screening as a fundraising
event for the theater. If anyone has any other ideas
to help..please email email suppressed

(a former pioneer valley resident)

Subject: Pleasant Street Theater


Northampton is in danger of losing another landmark.
The Pleasant Street Theater, which has screened unique
movies in
Northampton for three decades, is on the brink of
shutting its doors
for good. We have witnessed the closing of the Calvin
and most recently, the Academy of Music as film venues
and now the last
remaining screen is threatened. The Pleasant Street
Theater and the independent and foreign films it has
traditionally shown, has been an important part of the
mosaic that makes Northampton the “Best Small Arts
City in America.”

The Pleasant Street Theater does more than just offer
locals excellent
entertainment. It also draws others to town where they
dine at our
restaurants and shop in our stores. Smith students
have been able to
easily walk to the movies. If the theater closes, they
will have to drive to Hadley or Amherst.

The current owners of the theater and the building’s
new owner appear
to be willing to bend over backwards to keep the
theater operating, but no one has stepped forward with
sufficient operating capital or expertise. The theater
will close at the end of December. We are proposing
that a non-profit entity take over the operation of
the Pleasant Street since it has been unsuccessful in
the for-profit model. In order to make this a success,
it will require a significant commitment from the
community as the theater will need a facelift to
compete with newer cinemas.

We are asking area residents to show a commitment to
save Pleasant
Street Theater by making a tax-deductible monetary
pledge and contacting friends and neighbors, asking
them to get involved as well. This effort needs to be
mounted quickly. We realistically have to show that
there is enough interest and good will to save the
theater by December 20. I believe we can do it by
telephoning and using e-mail. You can pledge an amount
by e-mailing email suppressed and we will get back
to you about actually writing a check when we secure
an amount large enough to approach the owners of the
business and the building.

If you agree with us that the fabric of Northampton
without Pleasant
Street would be greatly diminished, please consider
making a significant pledge as well as contacting
others who might share our concern.


Bruce and Rita Bleiman Silas and Linda Kopf


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