Millennium Film Journal back issues

From: millennium film journal (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 15 2007 - 05:21:33 PST

The (almost) complete set of back issues of the Millennium Film
Journal is still available for US$265 including shipping, when
ordered by credit card through Google Checkout.

This comprises 29 books, Nos. 2-45/46 (except triple issue Nos.
16/17/18,) covering a span of almost 30 years of experimental cinema
(in film, video, and new media).

Due to exorbitant increases by the US Postal Service, especially for
shipping outside the USA, the price of a full set will increase by at
least 25% in 2008. Orders at the discount price must be placed before
the end of 2007.

Our upcoming issue "Brakhage at the Millennium," guest edited by Mike
Hoolboom, is currently in press.

Grahame Weinbren
Millennium Film Journal
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