A bit off topic: Karlheinz Stockhausen 1928 - 2007

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Date: Fri Dec 07 2007 - 14:39:26 PST

Sorry a bit off topic

...But he did provide the music for a brothers quay
film amongst some other filmic stuff if any of it

I just had a feeling that people here might be



Karlheinz Stockhausen 1928 - 2007


The composer Karlheinz Stockhausen passed away on
December 5th 2007 at
his home in Kuerten-Kettenberg and will be buried in
the Waldfriedhof
(forest cemetery) in Kuerten.

He composed 362 individually performable works. The
works which were
composed until 1969 are published by Universal Edition
in Vienna, and
all works since then are published by the
Stockhausen-Verlag. Numerous
texts by Stockhausen and about his works have been
published by the
Stockhausen Foundation for Music.

Suzanne Stephens and Kathinka Pasveer, who have
performed many of his
works and, together with him, have taken care of the
scores, compact
discs, books, films, flowers, shrubs, and trees will
continue to
disseminate his work throughout the world, as
prescribed in the
statutes of the Stockhausen Foundation for Music, of
which they are
executive board members.�

Stockhausen always said that GOD gave birth to him and
calls him home.


�for love is stronger than death.

IN FRIENDSHIP and gratitude for everything that he has
given to us
personally and to humanity through his love and his
music, we bid
FAREWELL to Karlheinz Stockhausen, who lived to bring
celestial music
to humans, and human music to the celestial beings, so
that Man may
listen to GOD and GOD may hear His children.

On December 5th he ascended with JOY through
HEAVEN�S DOOR, in order
to continue to compose in PARADISE with COSMIC PULSES
in eternal
HARMONY, as he had always hoped to do: You, who summon
me to Heaven,
Eva, Mikael and Maria, let me eternally compose music
for Heaven�s
Father-Mother, GOD creator of Cosmic Music.

May Saint Michael, together with Heaven�s musicians
fitting musical

On behalf of him and following his example, we will
endeavor to
continue to protect the music.

Suzanne Stephens and Kathinka Pasveer
in the name of the world-wide family of musicians who
him,�together with everyone who loves his music.


On Thursday, December 13th 2007, from 10 a.m. to 1
p.m. it will be
possible to personally say farewell to Karlheinz
Stockhausen in the
chapel of the Waldfriedhof in Kuerten
commemorative concert will take place soon at the
S�lztalhalle in
Kuerten. Programme, time and date will be specially announced

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