Re: Ann Arbor Film Festival - lawsuit success

From: Donald Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 20:59:14 PST

Dear Frameworks community,

For those of you who haven't already heard, the Ann Arbor Film
Festival successfully settled its federal lawsuit vs. the State of
Michigan. In effect, the AAFF challenged arts funding restrictions
that allowed state politicians to censor certain artists and arts
organizations - and we won. These restrictions were controversially
used against the AAFF in 2006 to revoke $15,000 of designated state
funding. By settling this lawsuit the State of Michigan has agreed to
adopt language guidelines for funding the arts that mirror those of
the NEA and upheld by the Supreme Court.

We want to thank everyone who has supported the AAFF during this
challenging time and in our recovery efforts to replace a major grant
provider. If you would like to read more about the this lawsuit
success, there's details on our website here:

Yours in motion,


Donald Harrison
Director of Community & Development
Ann Arbor Film Festival
office: 734.995.5356

ENDANGERED: The Campaign to Preserve the AAFF

The 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival
March 25 - 30th, 2008
***uncensored since 1963***

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