MA in documentary film, London

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MA/Postgraduate Diploma Documentary Research for Film and Television

Mode of study: Part-time

Duration: 90 weeks (2 years)

Start date: January 2008

Assessment: Course work and a major project

The course

At the heart of any successful documentary is thorough research, a
high degree of critical thinking, and an attention to narrative and
visual style. On this course we cover documentary history and theory
by putting both into a contemporary context, supported by substantial
input from creative practitioners. We interweave industry experience
with academic insight across the field of documentary production,
from docudrama to ethics and legal questions from investigative work
to more artistic approaches. We focus on students' creative and
academic development to nurture documentary ideas with exposure to a
full range of documentary approaches

Each term focuses on an aspect of documentary film and television,
ranging from histories and theories of representation, debates in
ethics and media ownership, and political issues. These complement
the exploration and research strategies, including film and picture
research, interview techniques, investigative journalism, narrative
form and drama documentary, alongside writing treatments, proposals
commentary and scripts.

The learning experience is supported by a programme of guest speakers
drawn from a range of senior commissioners, producers, documentary
makers, and legal marketing executives all designed to enhance
students understanding of the inustry and can help create good
industry contacts.


Course director: Pratap Rughani

Contact: Postgraduate Administrator Tel: 020 7514 6800

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.