Re: Proper Film Storage

From: Bill Brand (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 11:59:48 PST

The "Self-Preservation Guide for Film/Video Makers" is a chapter of
"Results You Can't Refuse: Celebrating 30 Years of BB Optics" a book
published by Anthology Film Archives. The Self-preservation guide is
part of our attempt at a grass roots preservation effort and
addresses exactly the sentiment expressed by Robert Schaller. It
doesn't give all the answers but it does give resources and takes the
approach that its better to do what you can - even only a little -
than to do nothing. We've posted a pdf of the chapter for free
download at:

The book is available for $10 at Anthology or online at:

Here's some other good resources:

Independent Media Arts Preservation

National Film Preservation Foundation

The Home Film Preservation Guide

National Film and Sound Archive, Commonwealth of Australia

Lux, UK - Keep Moving Images

Brodsky and Treadway

Electronic Arts Intermix

>First of all, here are two resources that might be of
>interest to folks on this list:
>The National Film Preservation Foundation published a
>great basic guide to film preservation which you cna
>obtain by going here:
>Also, Anthology Film Archives published a book by Bill
>Brand and Toni Treadway called the Self-Preservation
>Guide for Artists. I believe you would get this book
>from Anthology.

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