Proper Film Storage

From: Robert Schaller (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Dec 01 2007 - 20:56:07 PST

I was looking through the Frameworks archive for tips on proper film
storage, and came across this statement from Jeff Kreines:

"... note that proper storage (low humidity, low temperature,
vented can) will preserve your color negative for many many years."

Could anyone out there elaborate in more detail what exactly is meant by
these terms? What humidity and temperature are considered optimal? What is
a vented can, and where can it be obtained? Or is it as simple as drilling
a hole in a regular can? And what about other aspects of the storage
environment -- for example, should it be wooden shelves in a wood-framed
room, or a concrete cell, or a metal cabinet, or does this matter? Are
there any other environmental factors that are either beneficial or bad?

How do all you out there store your films? It seems like an issue that is
important to every filmmaker, and yet, I'm not aware of a commonly agreed
upon protocol that everyone knows. I'm sure plenty is known, but any
discussion of it or leads to where to find it would be a great help!


Robert Schaller

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