This week [December 1 - 9, 2007] in avant garde cinema

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This week [December 1 - 9, 2007] in avant garde cinema

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"Domestic Safari" by Anders Weberg
"travelling" by pavlou

Cyprus International Short Film Festival (Nicosia, Cyprus; Deadline: January 30, 2008)
DIVA Center (Eugene, Oregon, USA; Deadline: December 07, 2007)
The Delta International Film and Video Festival (Cleveland, MS USA; Deadline: February 01, 2008)
HDFEST (New York, New York; Deadline: March 02, 2008)
New York Underground Film Festival (New York, NY, USA; Deadline: January 15, 2008)
britspotting - British/Irish Film Festival (Berlin, Germany; Deadline: January 15, 2008)

CinemaJAZZ (Kansas City, MO USA; Deadline: December 01, 2007)
Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee (Kansas City, MO USA; Deadline: December 01, 2007)
Boston Underground Film festival (Boston, Ma ; Deadline: December 14, 2007)
Wisconsin Film Festival (Madison; Deadline: December 31, 2007)
Fargo Film Festival (Fargo, ND, USA; Deadline: December 01, 2007)
Studio 27 (San Francisco, CA USA; Deadline: December 15, 2007)
Portland Documentary & eXperimental Film Festival (PDX Fest) (Portland, Oregon USA; Deadline: December 14, 2007)
Faux Film Festival (Portland, OR; Deadline: December 31, 2007)
Magmart Festival (Naples, Italy; Deadline: December 31, 2007)
DIVA Center (Eugene, Oregon, USA; Deadline: December 07, 2007)

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 * "The Cinema of the Unusual": Jud Yalkut Films 1965-1972 [December 1, New York, New York]
 * Ny Experimental Presents: Collaborative Music video Workshop [December 1, New York, New York]
 * Negativland's Our Favorite Things + [December 1, San Francisco, California]
 * Filmforum Presents Films By Robert Nelson, Part 1 [December 2, Los Angeles, California]
 * Eye Am Women Behind the Lens Episode 13 [December 2, New York, New York]
 * Master of Arts In Media Cultures (Mamc) [December 3, Hong Kong]
 * The Cinema Cabaret:Neo-Benshi Live Film Narration [December 3, Los Angeles, California]
 * Shoot Shoot Shoot [December 3, San Francisco, California]
 * Heavy Magic Is Coming: Arthur Lipsett's Last Films, Curated By Brett
    Kashmere [December 4, Paris, France]
 * Lost & Found: the Films of Arthur Lipsett, Curated By Brett Kashmere [December 4, Paris, France]
 * Blade Runner [December 4, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * Cfmdc 40th Anniversary Screening At Cinematheque Ontario [December 5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada]
 * Michaela Grill - Giuseppe Ielasi [December 6, Los Angeles, California]
 * Berks Area Film & video Show [December 6, Reading, Pennsylvania]
 * Joseph Cornell: Collaborations and Cinematic Influences [December 6, San Francisco, California]
 * Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology Experimental Film Program [December 7, London, England]
 * Brakhage Documentary By Jim Shedden [December 7, New York, New York]
 * Joseph Cornell: Essential Cinema From Anthology Film Archives: Program
    Two [December 7, San Francisco, California]
 * Toneburst 5 [December 8, Austin, TX]
 * Wonderers and their Shadows On Film [December 8, Los Angeles, California]
 * Films of Stan Brakhage [December 8, New York, New York]
 * Green + Mark Brecke + James Hong + Ben Wood [December 8, San Francisco, California]
 * Film Love #53: Openings [December 9, Atlanta, Georgia]
 * Filmforum Presents the Documentaries of Jessica Yu [December 9, Los Angeles, California]
 * Travel So Far: Ellen Zweig's China Tapes [December 9, San Francisco, California]

Events are sorted by CITY within each DATE.


New York, New York: PS1/MOMA and Filmmakers Cooperative
4 p.m., 22-25 Jackson Ave. at 46th Ave., Long Island City, New York

  PS1/MOMA and the New York Filmmakers Cooperative present the second
  program in "The Cinema of the Unusual" series with "Jud Yalkut Films
  1965-1972" on Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 4 pm at PS1/MOMA
  Contemporary Art Center, 22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avnue in Long
  Island City, New York. The program, all projected on film, subtitled
  "Favorites & Lesser Known Treasures" includes: "Us Down by the
  Riverside" and "Turn Turn Turn" (both featured in the Whitney's "Summer
  of Love"; "Diffraction Film", "Le Parc"; "D.M.T."; "Moondial Fim" with
  Aldo Tambellini; "P+A-I(K)" with Nam June Paik; "China Cat Sunflower"
  with the Grateful Dead"; and "Planes" for Trisha Brown with Simone
  Forti. The filmmaker will be present. (718) 784-2084 or

New York, New York: The Tank
3:00 PM, 279 Church Street

  This collaborative workshop will empower media makers to create their
  own music videos to music from independent electronic musicians. Emma
  Sterling and Dan Monceaux will provide and discuss examples of
  experimental approaches to the music video form (no 'band-in-a-room'
  clips here) and get you thinking outside the square. Follow-up
  production consultation included. Session will run approximately 3
  hours. In the past few years Dan Monceax and Emma Sterling have been
  working on a number of experimental audiovisual works. Their 16 minute
  experimental documentary short 'A Shift in Perception', shot entirely on
  Super8 film is currently completing a successful international film
  festival and gallery circuit, including screenings in over thirty
  countries. The film has won awards in Australia, the USA, the UK,
  France, Mexico and Canada (including four for 'Best Film') and has
  toured the USA with the prestigious Black Maria Film & Video Festival.
  Supported by the Southern Australian Youth Arts Board and the Southern
  Australian Film Corporation respectively, Dan and Emma attended IDFA
  last November where 'A Shift in Perception' enjoyed its international.
  The two recently completed a month long artists' residency at Squeaky
  Wheel, Buffalo, New York in October, where they tinkered with
  experimental image making, animation and VJing. After launching a new
  body of work entitled 'Supermarket' with Dan Monceaux at the end of the
  residency, the pair will be performing the audio-visual work at venues
  across Canada and the USA until mid December. For more information about
  the artists please visit:

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Comes now the launch of Negativland's DVD/CD project, co-produced by
  Other Cinema Digital and Seeland Records. The albums were created in
  collaboration with 18 makers from all over the US (and one a cappella
  group from Detroit). Famous mixes like Gimme the Mermaid, No Business,
  Time Zones, Guns, Christianity Is Stupid, Drink It Up, Truth in
  Advertising, and U2: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For serve as
  audio ground for new visual collages from the likes of Tim Maloney,
  Harold Boihem, Mike Cousino, RRoom, and James Gladman. Some band members
  will be in attendance for a short LIVE performance on "boopers," their
  homemade feedback oscillators. PLUS the debut of Kembrew McLeod's
  Freedom of Expression, a critical doc on intellectual property issues in
  the contemporary corporate mediascape.*$7.


Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00, Echo Park Film Center, 1200 Alvarado Street (at Sunset)

  Filmforum presents Films by Robert Nelson, part 1. Robert Nelson, and
  artist by background, turned to filmmaking in the 1960s, and his short
  films, characterized by their free-spirited humor, unexpected twists,
  and inspired setups, were among the most circulated of the American
  underground. Tonight's films include Oh Dem Watermelons (1965), Plastic
  Haircut (1963), Hot Leatherette (1967), Deep Westurn (1974), The Great
  Blondino (1967). Newly restored prints courtesy of the Academy Film
  Archives. NOTE CHANGE IN LOCATION! General admission $9,
  students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members, cash and check only

New York, New York: Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens
9:30-10:30pm, & TWC 34/RCN 82 in Manhattan

  Eye Am: Women Behind the Lens is a short film series showcasing women's
  memoir spanning across all genres of film and video. EA airs @
  9:30-10:30pm the 1st Sunday of the month on... Manhattan Neighborhood
  Network Time Warner #34/ RCN #82 (in Manhattan)& Streaming Live Online
  at (Worldwide) Tune in December 2nd for the work of Giovanna
  Chesler, Naiti Gámez, Kim Khielhofner, & Margie Schnibbe Visit for Episode Breakdown, Filmmaker Bios, and
  Submission info.


Hong Kong: School of Creative Media
---, City University of Hong Kong

  The School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong invites
  application to Master of Arts in Media Cultures (MAMC). Programme
  Duration: 2-Year Part-time OR 1-Year Full-time. Features of the
  programme: advanced training in media and cultural studies, with an
  emphasis on digital culture (not a production-centered programme);
  strong interdisciplinary; curricular emphases: "Media Theory and
  History" and "Analysis and Methods of Institutional Practices"; highly
  relevant to the new secondary liberal studies curriculum. Application
  continues until 31 March 2008. Application materials are available at

Los Angeles, California: Redcat
8pm, 631 W. 2nd St

  Poets from Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York gather at REDCAT to
  offer a fresh take on the Japanese tradition of "benshi"—a writer or
  actor who provides live narration and commentary alongside silent films.
  $15 [students $12]

San Francisco, California: SFAI Film Salon
7:30pm, SFAI Lecture Hall, 800 Chestnut Street

  The SFAI Film Salon and SFAI Film Department present Shoot Shoot Shoot
  British Experimental Film from the '60s and '70s Monday, December 3,
  2007 Program 1: 7:30 Program 2: 9:00 In the 1960s and 1970's, the London
  Film-makers Co-operative emerged as the center of the British avant
  garde film movement, one which fostered creative and ground breaking
  investigations into the expansions of cinematic form. Echoing
  contemporary developments in painting and sculpture, the work of LFMC
  members, offered radical explorations of the film structure and the
  celluloid material. Presented in two programs, Shoot Shoot Shoot is an
  exciting selection of key works from this period, including films by
  artists Lis Rhodes, Malcom LeGrice and Peter Gidal, among others. The
  program, presented by LUX and curated by Mark Weber, comes to SFAI as
  part of an international tour, a longer version of which was also
  presented at the London Tate Modern, Gateshead Baltic, Basel Kunsthalle,
  Barcelona Fundaçio Antoní Tapies, Athens Desté Foundation, Tokyo Image
  Forum and the Melbourne International Film Festival. The SFAI Film Salon
  is a regular screening series, sponsored by the SFAI Student Union &
  LOGS. For more information contact: email suppressed or
  email suppressed


Paris, France: Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts
6pm, 14 rue Bonaparte

  Celebrated for a handful of remarkable films that circled the globe
  throughout the 1960s, Arthur Lipsett also authored two works that have
  seldom screened anywhere. Recalling the Beat ethos of previous decades,
  N-Zone (1970) and Strange Codes (1972) have more in common with the
  rambling dramaturgy of the American underground cinema of Adolfas Mekas,
  Ron Rice, Taylor Mead, Ken Jacobs and Jack Smith, than the acerbic
  collage style for which Lipsett was famous. Languid, theatrical,
  self-conscious, and semi-autobiographical, these last films were crafted
  during a time of declining institutional support and advancing mental
  illness. "Heavy Magic is Coming" culls its title from the fragmentary
  notes and diagrams for Strange Codes, evincing Lipsett's late-career,
  debilitating paranoia, and an urgent faith in magic. FILMS include:
  N-ZONE (1970, 16mm, b&w, 43 min); STRANGE CODES (1972, 16mm, b&w, 23
  min). TRT: 70 minutes, prints courtesy National Film Board of Canada and
  La Cinematheque quebecoise. Presented in collaboration with Light Cone.
  More info:

Paris, France: Scratch Projections
8:30pm, Cinema Action Christine, 4 rue Christine

  Arthur Lipsett recognized cinema's ability to reveal the ugly side of
  life, the things we don't want to acknowledge: the refuse. By pursuing
  truth within the everyday, Lipsett also discovered beauty in the basic
  and the absurd. Utilizing found materials in concert with self-shot
  photos and footage, his films transform the fragmentary nature of refuse
  into a unified material vision. This program brings together Lipsett's
  first five celluloid compositions, produced at the National Film Board
  of Canada across the 1960s. These films, which represent the primary arc
  of his artistic evolution, exemplify how pictures and sounds can be
  fused in a synthetic yet sincerely personal form. FILMS include: VERY
  NICE, VERY NICE (1961, 16mm, b&w, 7 min); A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE (1965,
  16mm, b&w, 12 min); 21-87 (1964, 16mm, b&w, 10 min); FREE FALL (1964,
  16mm, b&w, 9 min); FLUXES (1968, 16mm, b&w, 24 min). Prints courtesy
  National Film Board of Canada. More info:

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers, Inc
7:30 pm, Albright College

  Blade Runner (1982, 117 min.) by RIDLEY SCOTT. A loose adaptation of
  Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? "…the most
  remarkably and densely imagined and visualized SF film since 2001: A
  Space Odyssey, a hauntingly erotic meditation on the difference between
  the human and the nonhuman. Set in a grungy LA of the 21st century
  characterized by nearly constant rain and a good many Chinese
  restaurants—yielding textures worthy of Welles or Sternberg—the plot
  involves a former cop (Harrison Ford) hired to track down and kill a
  series of androids. The results are largely a triumph of production
  design, but as in Forbidden Planet and 2001, it's often hard to
  determine where production design leaves off and direction begins."
  —Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Chicago Reader


Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Cinematheque Ontario
7:30 p.m., Jackman Hall, 317 Dunsdas Street West

  Over the past forty years, the Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre
  (CFMDC) has amassed a world-recognized and coveted collection of
  experimental short films on 16mm, representing seminal Canadian and
  international artists. The four films gathered here exemplify certain
  influential strands of filmmaking – experimental, hybrid and conceptual
  – which enrich the CFMDC catalogue. The programme title is a nod to the
  CFMDC's accrual of such important works over time, as much as it
  references the formal aspects of these works, which all foreground, in
  radically differing ways, film's unique temporal language. David Rimmer,
  perhaps Canada's second most important experimental filmmaker after
  Michael Snow, provides us with a playful, extended snapshot of Hero's
  Pizza parlour in NYC circa 1971, while Rose Lowder conflates iconic
  public squares in Paris to create her impressionistic and flickering
  tableau, SCÈNES DE LA VIE FRANÇAISE: PARIS. Capturing light effects in a
  living room, Michael Snow's STANDARD TIME was lauded by Manny Farber in
  Artforum, who wrote: "A joyously spiritual little film, it contains both
  his singular stoicism and the germinal ideas of his other films, each
  one like a thesis, proposing a particular relationship between image,
  time and space." Taking Snow's conceptual rigour to another level, Mike
  Hoolboom's Guy Debord and Warhol inspired WHITE MUSEUM is a virtually
  imageless and infinitely witty meditation on cinema. – Andréa Picard.
  REAL ITALIAN PIZZA, Director: David Rimmer (Canada 1971 13 minutes
  16mm), SCÈNES DE LA VIE FRANÇAISE: PARIS, Director: Rose Lowder (1986
  France 26 minutes 16mm silent), STANDARD TIME, Director: Michael Snow,
  (Canada 1967 8 minutes 16mm), WHITE MUSEUM, Director: Mike Hoolboom
  (Canada 1986 32 minutes 16mm).


Los Angeles, California: Echo Park Film Center
8 pm, 1200 N. Alvarado Street (@ Sunset Blvd), Los Angeles, CA 90026

  live audiovisual performance

Reading, Pennsylvania: Berks Filmmakers, Inc
7:30 pm, Albright College

  Recent works in various media by local film and video artists and
  students; makers will be present to introduce their work.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
6:30pm, SFMOMA, 151 Third Street

  While Cornell's best known films are collages of pre-existing material
  produced in relative privacy, Cornell briefly collaborated with
  filmmakers Stan Brakhage, Rudy Burckhardt and Lawrence Jordan, deeply
  influencing the work of each of these significant artists. This program
  presents a sampling of this collaborative work with a selection of
  recent works continuing Cornell's fascinations with film, the found
  object and the magic of the everyday. Screening: Two films by Lawrence
  Jordan: Cornell, 1965, a rare film portrait of the artist and Our Lady
  of the Sphere; Centuries of June and Wonder Ring by Stan Brakhage (and
  Cornell's response to the latter, GniR RednoW); What Mozart Saw on
  Mulberry Street by Rudy Burckhardt (assembled from footage shot for
  Cornell's Mulberry Street); The Secret Story by Janie Geiser; flower,
  the boy, the librarian by Stephanie Barber; What Makes Day and Night by
  Jeanne Liotta; Her Fragrant Emulsion by Lewis Klahr; Oona's Veil by
  Brian Frye; and Cornell's own Rose Hobart.


London, England: Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology at The Horse Hospital
9pm, Colonnade, Bloomsbury

  The Int'l Fest of Cinema and Technology will present an experimental
  film program at the world renowned Horse Hospital December 7th starting
  at 8pm. Screenings will include a highlighted "Best Of" series of
  Experimental Films and Experimental Animation from the IFCT 2007 Touring
  Events. Participating experimental Films originate from countries
  including Brazil, Canada, Germany, & France. The films to be screened
  also represent a wide variety of innovative creation techniques. Tickets
  are £7 (and £5 for members and concessions) More information is at

New York, New York: Millennium Film Workshop
8pm, Fiday Evening, 66 East 4th Street (Between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery)
New York

  BRAKHAGE (75 min.-(1999) This film was first shown at Millennium on May
  21st, 1999. It was part of a weekend program with Stan Brakhage who
  appeared on May 22nd to show and discuss a new program of his films.
  "Stan Brakhage is a ...legend, possibly the most important filmmaker of
  the avant-garde, and one of the greatest artists of our time. Since
  1952, when he was nineteen, Brakhage has created over 300 films, ranging
  from lengths of several seconds to several hours, and has constantly and
  consistently redefined the shape of film art. Using excerpts from
  Brakhage's films and films of other avant-garde filmmakers, interviews
  with Brakhage, his friends, family, colleagues, and critics, and
  archival footage of Brakhage spanning the past thity five years, Jim
  Shedden's portrait, BRAKHAGE explores the depth and breadth of the
  filmmaker's genius, the exquisite splendor of his films, his magic
  personal charm, his aesthetic fellow travellers, and the influence his
  work has had on generations of other creators.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
3:00pm, SFMOMA, 151 Third Street

  Shortly before his death in 1972, Cornell gifted his own films as well
  as his extensive film collection to Anthology Film Archives. Much of
  this work has been preserved by that institution and is exhibited
  regularly at that venue. These programs represent two of these recurring
  screenings."What Cornell's movies are is the essence of a home movie.
  They deal with things very close to us, every day and everywhere. Small
  things, not the big things. Not wars, not stormy emotions, dramatic
  clashes or situations. His images are much simpler. [...] The boxes, the
  collages, the home movies of Joseph Cornell are the invisible cathedrals
  of our age. That is, they are almost invisible, as are all the best
  things that man can still find today: They are almost invisible unless
  you look for them." (Jonas Mekas, 1970) Screening: Mulberry Street,
  Bookstalls; Vaudeville De-Luxe; By Night with Torch and Spear; New
  York–Rome–Barcelona–Brussels; Children; Boys' Games, Joanne, Union Sq.;
  and Cloches a travers les feuilles/ Claude Debussy.


Austin, TX: Toneburst
8pm, Ceremony Hall, 4100 Red River

  Toneburst is an experimental sound and visual showcase that is performed
  2-3 times a year and is entirely devoted to presenting the best unheard
  or underexposed musicians, video/film artists from the fertile Austin
  underground scene (and sometimes from elsewhere as well). The current
  show will be presenting Tom Grzinich, Josh Ronsen (aka
  Brekekekekkoaxkoax), Keith Manlove and ex-L.A. resident, now full time
  Austinite Greg Headley. Rick Reed will be doing double duty by
  performing both a solo set (a soundtrack to a video by Ken Jacobs), and
  appearing in the first ever live performance of the group S.I.R.S.I.T
  (Sometimes it Rains Spacemen in Texas), which features not only Reed,
  but the incredible talents of Brent Fariss, Cory Allen and Josh Russell.
  There will also be a video presentation by another former Californian,
  now Austin resident, Scott Stark, using multiple video projectors that
  should be worth the price of admission by itself. And also look for a
  very special guest appearance by long time Houston noise musician,
  Carlos Pozo (who also performs under the name Pechuga). Expect throbbing
  lights, both harsh and soothing electronic sounds, weird noises, bizarre
  sights and as always, have your bags packed, we're going on a trip!

Los Angeles, California: BETALEVEL
8 PM, 963 N. Hill Street, in alley on left side of Full House

  Experimental Film in Chinatown, Los Angeles Live music by Tony Cantor,
  Mark So, Tashi Wada and Douglas Waddle! For directions, go to: Madison Brookshire - OPENING - 25 min.
  16mm Sandy Ding - WATER SPELL - 42 min. 16mm Laida Lertxundi - FOOTNOTES
  TO A HOUSE OF LOVE - 13 min. 16mm Mary Beth Reed - MOONSTREAMS - 10 min.
  16mm For stills and more, go to: Madison Brookshire - OPENING
  - Using everyday images of overlooked spaces, OPENING reveals the city
  in the landscape and the landscape in the city. Recorded sounds,
  silences and long tones play over a mosaic of off-ramps, power lines and
  alleyways. Mark So, Tashi Wada and Douglas Wadle will accompany OPENING.
  Sandy Ding - Water Spell - "A journey from realism to a supersensory
  realm, slipping under the surface and between molecules at a
  micropscopic scale. Channeling the subconscious, Water Spell is both
  odyssey and invocation; a ritual of transformation and retinal blast.
  The film releases the energy locked within its frames through flickering
  pulsations of light." - Mark Webber Laida Lertxundi - Footnotes to A
  House of Love - A series of shots in a California desert landscape in
  which there is a play between on frame and off frame sound. There is an
  effort to create the space of a story, without a story, by the use of
  real time/diegetic sound. The film is laboriously honoring play. Love is
  felt as a force that remains almost off the frame and determines the
  arrangement of the figures in the landscape. This film was made with:
  Sandy Ding, Eliza Douglas, Laura Merando, Sally Oviatt, Lucas Quigly and
  Laura Steenberge. With music by: Leslie Gore, Ari Up, The Kinks, The
  Shangri-Las, Henry Flynt, Laura Steenberge and The Crystals. "Laida
  Lertxundi's Footnotes to a House of Love, also set in southern
  California, was in some ways the aftermath to the apocalyptic buildup of
  SpaceDisco-One. The desert, so often a stand-in for other places
  imagined by Hollywood, here is barren and bright, set to the tune of
  Leslie Gore and the Kinks playing through an intrepid little tape deck.
  The tinny sound carries through a broken-down house, a house without
  walls and whose door falls down the moment someone tries to open it.
  People drift by and a couple makes love on a sheet laid out in the sand;
  it's not clear where the house ends and the desert begins. The music
  plays in most of the film like a radio signal, a relic of another time,
  now gone. The film is pervaded with the sense of something having
  happened, though we're given only brief glimpses of what came after." -
  Genevieve Yue, Senses of Cinema "Laida Lertxundi's Footnotes to a House
  of Love is the type of thing you hope for at a festival: something
  remarkable by someone you've never heard of. Not much happens in the
  film – much to its credit. A young couple inhabits a dilapidated house
  in the California desert. They read, play the cello, piss, but mostly
  just walk about. Their actions, however, are entirely peripheral to the
  film. Footnotes is most centrally about the presence of place, the house
  and the desert beyond, and the possibilities they seem to invite.
  Narratives and relationships are only just hinted at and seemingly
  swallowed up by the surroundings. There is a subtle mysteriousness to
  the place that could easily have made it a site for terror, or at least
  danger, but this is constantly leavened by a gentle, disarming
  playfulness and teasing." - Patrick Friel, Senses of Cinema Mary Beth
  Reed - Moonstreams - "Mary Beth builds up a surface tension that seems
  quite rocky and solid. This surface gradually begins to crumble and a
  bubbling of dusty gold begins, like a geyser, to break up this tension.
  The surface of paints and rhythms begins to flow with the water and
  everything inside of the body of work begins spilling out until
  electrical creative charges accompany the liquid gold and rock.
  Suddenly, out of this storm comes a red and yellow explosion of warmth
  and creativity, spilling out over the body like a lava flow." - Courtney

New York, New York: Millennium Film Workshop
8pm, Saturday Evening, 66 East 4th Street (Between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery)
New York

  Most of the films in this program were premiered at Millennium, SEXUAL
  min.-1972), AFTERMATH (8 min.-1981), MURDER PSALM (16.5 min.-1981),
  DANTE QUARTET (6.5 min.-1987), PERSIANS #6-12 (18 min.-2000), PERSIAN
  SERIES #13-18 (11 min.-2001). This screening includes some of most
  extraordinary works created by Stan Brakhage during his amazingly
  prolific caeeer. On MURDER PSALM- Brakhage quoting Dostoyevsky (Diary of
  a Writer) "In my novel, THE DEVILS I attempted to depict the complex and
  heterogenous motives which may prompt even the purest of heart and most
  naive people to take part in an absolutely monstous crime." On
  AFTERMATH- "The raw meat of the mind's imagination, the pounding blood
  of it, attempting to erase (rather than assimilate) a televised movie of
  ferocious popular appeal...a life versus death struggle played out in
  the purely visual (anti-numerical) area of thought."-S.B. These shows on
  December 7th and 8th celebrate the publication of a special issue of the
  screenings and the publication pay tribute to the artist who passed away
  in 2003.

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30pm, 992 Valencia Street

  Our good neighbor Sam is eager to share his plans and progress on his
  long-form Esperanto-obsessed essay Universal Language. In his
  media-heavy lecture-demo, the erstwhile maker of Weather Underground and
  Rainbow Man, along with producer Carrie Lozano, anchor a 40-min.
  feedback session on the major talking-points of his utopia project,
  towards developing its salient issues and aesthetic concerns. Resonant
  with Sam's theme of international cooperation, Brecke returns to home
  base after African photo assignments to launch his new book
  Darfur/Darfur and answer questions about facts on the ground and in
  world councils. Mr. Hong is circling back too, from Jerusalem, to
  premiere here his half-hr. political commentary, This Shall Be a Sign,
  on the architectural threat to the native Palestinian population. Ben
  Wood, by way of SFAI and MIT, also comes back to deliver a daring
  video-essay on the shameful erasure of Diego Rivera's Rockefeller Center
  mural, engaging with Rivera's family and former colleagues at the
  eventual site of Man at the Crossroads in Mexico City. *$7.


Atlanta, Georgia: Eyedrum
7:00 PM, 290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr Suite 8

  A gathering of Atlanta's finest improvisational musicians perform to
  silent experimental films. | The Atlanta Fourth Ward Improvisational
  Ensemble, led by Roger Ruzow, will perform newly created live
  soundtracks to short experimental films by local, national and
  international filmmakers. The film imagery ranges from abstract,
  hand-drawn animation to video "circuit-bending" to the grandeur of
  Madison Brookshire's landscape film Opening. | NOTE EARLY START TIME: 7
  PM! | Musicians: Roger Ruzow, Jeff Crompton, Ben Gettys, Ben Davis,
  Chris Case, Keith Leslie, Rob Mallard | Program: Oliver Smith (Atlanta,
  GA)videoFeed (2007), digital video, 6 minutes; Colorful imagery from
  circuit-bent video hardware. Peter Snowdon (Brussels, Belgium) tree
  stain man (hommage to stan) (2007), super-8mm and digital video
  (screened on DVD), 4 minutes WORLD PREMIERE; "An experimental round
  dance in three movements, composed using footage of trees taken in
  Oxford in spring 2001. My first ever roll of Kodachrome 40. A homage to
  the life-in-work of Stan Brakhage." Chris Lynn (Washington, DC) London 4
  – Clouds and the Docklands (2006), digital video, 6 minutes London 5 –
  Unknown Year (2007), super-8mm (screened on DVD), 4 minutes; Two
  portraits of the city. The grain and color of the super-8 film image
  contrasts with the digital video clarity of a rainy London day. Hugo
  Ball Room (San Francisco, CA) Suite for Face (excerpts), 10 minutes,
  digital video; Video clips "processed from scenes in feature films in
  which an actor or actress emotes wordlessly, using facial expressions
  and posture to represent the evolution of a feeling, a realization, or a
  breakdown. The videos are intended to provide a context for improvising
  musicians to interpret in solo or small-group settings." Maryam Kashani
  (Austin, TX) things lovely and dangerous still: a silent film for
  trumpet and drums (2006), 16mm, 12 minutes; A portrait in 16mm film,
  made by a filmmaker/DJ, and inspired by the poetry of June Jordan
  Caroline Koebel (Buffalo, NY) Sea Lion (2007), 16mm, 3 minutes; "This
  hand processed Super 8 film marvels at the beauty of the movement of the
  sea lion. It reflects the fascination of the filmmaker's two-year-old
  son with this animal new to his world." Caroline Koebel hole or space
  (2006), 16mm, 3 minutes; "Pricks, gaps, dots, openings, hole or space
  takes its cue from contortionists of the early screen in spiraling out
  from conceptions of the body as whole. The film uses early cinema and
  avant-garde classics as its compositional notes." Madison Brookshire
  (Los Angeles, CA) Opening, 2007, 16mm, 25 minutes; This aptly titled
  work is a quiet but grand record of the contemporary American landscape.
  Robbie Land(Atlanta, GA) Greencameraless, 2007, 16mm, 6 minutes WORLD
  PREMIERE; A recent work by the Atlanta film artist shows an inner
  landscape - a portrait in green, visual layers created by working
  directly on the filmstrip without a camera. | "Openings" is a Film Love
  event, programmed and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Frequent Small Meals.
  Film Love exists to provide access to great but rarely seen films, and
  to explore the history of experimental filmmaking. It was voted
  Atlanta's Best Film Series by the critics of Creative Loafing in 2006.
  More information on Frequent Small Meals music, film, and art events can
  be found at

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:00 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas

  Filmforum presents The Documentaries of Jessica Yu. Jessica Yu is one of
  the leading documentary filmmakers working in America today. On the
  opening weekend of her new documentary Protagonist, Filmforum is
  delighted to look back at Yu's earlier award-winning documentary work:
  Sour Death Balls (1993), the Academy-Award winning Breathing Lessons:
  The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien (1996), and In the Realms of the
  Unreal (2004). Discussion with Jessica Yu to be confirmed. General
  admission $9, students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members, cash and
  check only.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco Cinematheque
7:30pm, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, 701 Mission Street (corner of Third)

  Ellen Zweig In Person Ellen Zweig's HEAP forms a series of portraits of
  Westerners who have studied, imagined, loved and misunderstood China.
  The five videos in the collection use documentary and narrative
  strategies, emerging as metaphoric explorations of the multiple
  misunderstandings and rare moments of connection across cultures. With
  footage shot in China and images of an invented China, the power of our
  imagination to travel beyond truth and fiction becomes palpable. In one
  portrait, (the origin of bitterness) Joseph Rock, reflections of
  personal remembrances surface from implausible sources, while some
  mysteries remain unsolved. In another, a surplus of landscape, collages
  landscape views to a polygraph interview with filmmaker Leslie Thornton.
  The HEAP series also includes (tongue tongue stone) G.W. Leibnitz;
  (flick flight flimsy) Ernest Fenollosa, and (unsolved) Robert van Gulik.
  Also on this program: Zweig's precarious, which provides a bridge
  between Zweig's HEAP and her relationship with her father.

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