Re: ektachrome sensitivity

From: Robert Schaller (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 14:07:20 PST

Thanks for that info, Pip. I have always loaded 3383 on the contact printer
in the dark, and have never really minded. I probably still will, but maybe
it's worth a try. Having a little light would certainly be a boon for

But a look at Kodak's website
reveals that 3383 is indeed relatively insensitive to light at the
wavelength 590nm, which they say is given by a KODAK 8 Safelight Filter, or,
and I find this interesting, an amber LED. Anyone tried that?

I realize that there is technically a difference between "Blue Sensitive"
and "Orthochromatic," but etymologically "ortho" just means steep (or
"straight") in greek, referring (I infer) to the steepness of the curve of
sensitivity vs. wavelength, so to mind mind "orthochromatic" seems like a
good term for any light-sensitive material that exhibits that sudden rise in
sensitivity, be it between yellow and green or green and blue or anywhere
else in the spectrum -- I forget that this usage is not standard or "right"!

Robert Schaller

On 11/27/07 1:29 AM, "Pip Chodorov" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Color print stocks like 3383 are NOT sensitive to a certain color,
> similar to the orange color of the color neg mask. It is a very
> limited range in the color spectrum, just a narrow downward spike in
> the curve. Maybe the Kodak engineers planned it so as to make the
> print stock automatically pre-graded to ignore the orange negative
> mask. There is a sodium lamp available for darkrooms that work with
> this stock. It is very handy to load the contact printer or the
> hand-developing spool under the orange light. Makes it very easy.
> -Pip
>> I am not aware of any orthochromatic color films -- it seems like an
>> oxymoron, a color film that does not respond to all colors, but why not --
>> does anyone know of one?
>> Robert Schaller
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