Larry Gottheim at the Harvard Film Archive

From: Brooke Holgerson (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Nov 28 2007 - 11:50:17 PST

**An Evening with Larry Gottheim
Friday, November 30 at 7pm

Since the late 1960s Larry Gottheim has been a driving force in the
American avant-garde as both a filmmaker and founder of SUNY-
Binghamton's legendary film program. Often associated with the
structural film movement, Gottheim's work is informed by a profound
interest in cinematic form and, increasingly, in the relation between
sound and image. Among Gottheim's most celebrated and powerful films are
a series of works that provide a sustained meditation on place and
season, taking the rural landscapes of upstate New York as their
ostensible subject. Gottheim has chosen two films from the 1970s to
present at the HFA, /Barn Rushes/ and /Four Shadows/,/ /each in a
marvelous newly preserved print.
/Special thanks to Scott MacDonald./
Barn Rushes__
"... elegant yet rustic in its simplicity of execution; tugged gently
toward different sides of the set by hints of color and motion
interactions, positive and negative spaces, etc., and the unyielding
delivery on one of the great apotheoses of poetic cinema at fade-out
time." -- Tony Conrad
Directed by Larry Gottheim
US 1971, 16mm, color, silent, 36 min.
Four Shadows _ _
Like constellations wheeling round, a double chain of four image
segments and four sound segments wheel past each other in sixteen
combinations -- a family of Gibbon apes, a landscape measured, a
shadowed diagram after Cezanne, a wintry urban scene, a text by
Wordsworth, a climactic scene from Debussy's opera /Pelleas et
Melisande/ .... The stately ceremony can generate rich sensuous
cinematic pleasure as well as a free-flowing stream of associations.
Containment and flowing free -- these are some of the issues.
Directed by Larry Gottheim
US 1978, 16mm, color, 64 min.

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