Re: Voir new release offer

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 10:37:56 PST

Dear friends,
this offer was intended for Re:Voir customers who
have asked us about our new releases, but I
thought I would make it available to all
FrameWorks members. The DVDs are in PAL. These
films do not contain swift radical animation, so
the MPEG compression does not interfere with the
quality of the work.
-Pip Chodorov

Re:Voir Vidιo launches an advance purchase
discount for the upcoming release of the
following DVD's:
Pay 25 euros instead of 31 euros. The discs will
be sent as soon as available, within the next 4-6

1. Acιphale by Patrick Deval
2. Dyn Amo by Stephen Dwoskin
3. Documentaries by Patrick Bokanowski
4. On Venom and Eternity by Isidore Isou

1. Acιphale by Patrick Deval

Fourth release in the ZANZIBAR series, with the
films of Jackie Raynal and Philippe Garrel:

1968 * 35 mm * 1.66 * Black & White * Sound * 56 minutes

Directed by : Patrick Deval
photography directors : Michel Fournier - Guy Gilles
Edited by : Jacqueline Raynal
Cast : Jacques Baratier, Michel Chapman, Laurent
Condominas, Patrick Deval, Christian Ledoux,
Edouard, Niermans, Jacqueline Raynal, Θve Ridoux,
Audrey Vipond
Plus Patrick Deval's short film "Hιraclite l'obscur"

2. Dyn Amo by Stephen Dwoskin

1972 * 120 minutes * 16mm color
Based on the play by Chris Wilkinson.

Directing, adaptation, camera, editing: Stephen Dwoskin.
Mise en scθne: Howard Panter.
Music: Gavin Bryars.
Cast: Linda Marlowe, Jenny Runacre, Catherine
Kessier, Pat Ford, John Grillo, Malcolm, Kaye,
Andrew Carr, Derek Paget.
Production: Dynamo/Alternative Arts Production.
Photos for this edition: Jeff Guess.
Mastered from a new 16mm print in collaboration with Lux, London.
Contains a new video interview of Steve Dwoskin
and Maggie Pinhorn about the film's production,
plus a text about the film by Jacqueline Holt.

3. Documentaries by Patrick Bokanowski

         La Part du Hasard
Portrait of Henri Dimier, painter, 1984
16mm * color * sound * 52 minutes
1st Price at « Festival International de film d'Art de Montrιal » (1984)

         Le Rκve ιveillι
Portrait of Colette Aboulker Muscat, therapist, 2003
Video * color * sound * 41 minutes
Contains a booklet about the films
Total duration : 93 minutes

4. On Venom and Eternity by Isidore Isou

1951 * 120 minutes

Directed by : Jean Isidore Isou
Edited by : Suzanne Cabon
Music : Daniel Garrigue
Cast : Marcel Achard, Jean-Louis Barrault,
Blanchette Brunoy, Blaise Cendrars, Jean Cocteau,Š
The authorized release of the complete unabridged French version of 1951.
Remastered in High-Definition from the 35mm
preservation internegative and restored
and with original 7-minute 1951 theatrical trailer as bonus.
Subtitled in English, Italian, German, Spanish.


Coupon for Advance Purchase -

o Acιphale - Patrick Deval
o Dyn Amo - Stephen Dwoskin
o Documentaires - Patrick Bokanowski
o On Venom and Eternity - Jean Isidore Isou

Please return this slip with payment (by check,
credit card or paypal*) of 25 euros per DVD to
the following address:
Re:Voir Vidιo / The Film Gallery - 18, rue de Saintonge - 75003 Paris
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* shipping costs for Europe : 5€ for 1 DVD. Add 2€ for each additional DVD.
  Please contact us for the shipping costs outside
of Europe and/or the institutional prices
*(Paypal to "email suppressed")


Re:Voir Vidιo / The Film Gallery - 18, rue de
Saintonge - 75003 Paris - Tel : 0873864700
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