The Question About Space, Domestic and Otherwise.

From: BR (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 19:15:21 PST

Dearest Frameworkers,

Hello again. While I'm at it, I was wondering if I could pick your
collective brain about films/videos that deal with the representation and
alteration of domestic space (physical, emotional, etc). I'm putting
together a program of films for a gallery screening in the City of Broad
Shoulders, and while I've got a program picked out already, I was curious as
to what else might be circling the A/V atmosphere. To give you a better
sense of what I'm asking, here's the constellation of films that I've
gathered thus far:

Wait by Ernie Gehr (7:00, 16mm, 1968)
Table by Ernie Gehr (16:00, 16mm, 1976)
House by Ben Rivers (6:00, 16mm, 2007)
Old Dark House by Ben Rivers (4:00, 16mm, 2007)
Dani Houses by Karl Heider (16:00, 16mm, 1963)
Footnotes to a House of Love by Laida Lertxundi (13:00, 16mm, 2007)
Babobilicons by Daina Krumins (16:00, 16mm, 1982)
The Fourth Watch by Janie Geiser (10:00, 16mm, 2000)
Red Swing by Leighton Pierce (8:00, 16mm, 1986)
Chinese Firedrill by Will Hindle (25:00, 16mm, 1968)

I'd be especially excited to hear the titles of whatever ethnographic films
might be on the tips of your tongues...

Thanks In Advance,

Ben Russell

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