Re: Trying to reach the right person at the NFB of Canada

From: Ted Barron (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 19 2007 - 06:12:53 PST


I programmed a series of Claude Jutra and Michel Brault films at the
Harvard Film Archive earlier this year. I contacted the New York
offices of the NFB for prints. They were very slow to respond but when
they did, they were able to provide most of the films I was seeking.
The problem was that most of their material is only available in Beta SP
format. I also contacted the Cinematheque quebecoise and they had one
or two prints I was able to borrow. I am not sure whether they limit
their loans to AMIA-member archives but it would be worth the effort to
contact them to see what is possible. The contacts are listed below.

Best of luck.


Ted Barron

NFB contacts
Dylan McGinty - email suppressed
Laure Parsons - email suppressed

Cinematheque quebecoise
Stephanie Cote - email suppressed

On 11/18/07 1:24 PM, Adam Hyman wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'd like to get a couple of films from the National Film Board of Canada to
>screen at Filmforum. I've called the general number, spoke with someone who
>asked for an email to pass it along, and I haven't heard anything in reply.
>I can't find a number on their elaborate website. Can anyone tell me who the
>correct contact person is there to rent prints for screenings?
>And, while we're at it, does anyone have an opinion on "Of Sport and Men",
>text by Barthes, film by Aquin? How about other films by Aquin?
>"Le sport et les hommes"
>Le sport et les hommes / Of Sport and Men, documentaire de 58 minutes, 1961.
>Réalisation : Hubert Aquin. Texte : Roland Barthes. Production : Office
>national du film du Canada.
>Best regards,

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