looking for east coast screenings

From: Brent Coughenour (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Nov 16 2007 - 08:47:29 PST

i'm setting up a mini-tour on the east coast in feb/march with a quasi (anti?)-narrative film about the city of Detroit shot on super 8. if anyone might be interested in programming it, and would like to take a look, let me know.

here's a description:

Pity the Fool




2005, in an effort to improve its image for the nationwide attention
brought to the city by the hosting of the 2006 Super Bowl, the city
of Detroit began demolishing long-vacant buildings, hastening the
natural slow decay caused by decades of industrial collapse. As
the city dismantles itself, clues to its past resurface. Collections
of scraps sifted from rubble—an archeology of unanswered
questions—combine to tell a surrogate narrative filled with missing
pieces and forgotten motives, old letters, photographs, and home
movies. Fractured moments occurring on one summer day, maybe two,
echo events from thirty years earlier. The day is sunny, but it is
humid, and clouds are gathering. It is going to rain.

film functions as an exploration of the narrative form, eschewing
standard narrative devices of plot and character development in favor
of a perhaps subtler means of storytelling, a participatory cinema
experience in which the viewer is required to fill in details only
hinted at by occurrences on screen.

brent coughenour

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