Re: Call for SubmissionsOptical Allusions

From: Chris Kennedy (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 21:22:00 PST

It was just a typographic error. They'll show 16mm and 35mm and video.

> Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 07:37:37 -0500
> From: amanda christie <email suppressed>
> Subject: Re: Call for SubmissionsOptical Allusions
> this is an excellent initiative from cineworks. that
> optical printer (oxberry 16/35 with two bipacking
> projectors and an aerial lens) is an amazing machine,
> and i miss it like i miss my friends in vancouver.
> i'm glad to see them promoting its use.
> however, it's strange that cineworks is screening
> optically printed films from dvd... when they have
> several 16mm film projectors, and the neighbooring
> cinematheque has a 35mm projector and 16mm film
> projector.
> i sent them an email asking why they're screening
> optically printed films from dvd... and if maybe that
> screening format thing was a typo. but no reply
> from them yet. for those other filmmakers who won't
> submit if their work can't be shown on film, i'll post
> an update here once i hear back from them.
> i'm assuming that there are other filmmakers like me
> who won't screen certain films on DVD format in
> public... for me, if i've made something on an optical
> printer, i've chosen to do so because the aesthetic of
> optical printing provides something unobtainable
> through digital means... and a lot of that aesthetic
> is lost in the transfer to video.... so even though,
> i'm one of only 3 people who have used that particular
> optical printer (that they mention in the call for
> submissions) in the past 3 years... i won't be
> submitting any films to that screening if it means
> showing the work on dvd....
> when i hear back from them about the screening
> format... i will post here to let people know if they
> are actually showing from dvd or from film, in case it
> affects anyone else's decision whether or not to
> submit.
> all in all though, i do think that this is a marvelous
> initiative that cineworks is doing. their optical
> printer is a very fine machine! one of the things
> that i miss most about vancouver.
> whether they're screening from dvd or film, i wish i
> was going to be in vancouver to see this screening.
> slowly adjusting to life in amsterdam,
> amanda dawn christie
> zeeburgerdijk 73-B
> 1094 AB Amsterdam
> 31-(0)-6-1811-3863

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