Re: Call for SubmissionsOptical Allusions

From: Brittany Gravely (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 15 2007 - 06:49:46 PST

Thanks for contacting them about it; I thought that was totally odd


On Nov 15, 2007, at 7:37 AM, amanda christie wrote:

> this is an excellent initiative from cineworks. that
> optical printer (oxberry 16/35 with two bipacking
> projectors and an aerial lens) is an amazing machine,
> and i miss it like i miss my friends in vancouver.
> i'm glad to see them promoting its use.
> however, it's strange that cineworks is screening
> optically printed films from dvd... when they have
> several 16mm film projectors, and the neighbooring
> cinematheque has a 35mm projector and 16mm film
> projector.
> i sent them an email asking why they're screening
> optically printed films from dvd... and if maybe that
> screening format thing was a typo. but no reply
> from them yet. for those other filmmakers who won't
> submit if their work can't be shown on film, i'll post
> an update here once i hear back from them.
> i'm assuming that there are other filmmakers like me
> who won't screen certain films on DVD format in
> public... for me, if i've made something on an optical
> printer, i've chosen to do so because the aesthetic of
> optical printing provides something unobtainable
> through digital means... and a lot of that aesthetic
> is lost in the transfer to video.... so even though,
> i'm one of only 3 people who have used that particular
> optical printer (that they mention in the call for
> submissions) in the past 3 years... i won't be
> submitting any films to that screening if it means
> showing the work on dvd....
> when i hear back from them about the screening
> format... i will post here to let people know if they
> are actually showing from dvd or from film, in case it
> affects anyone else's decision whether or not to
> submit.
> all in all though, i do think that this is a marvelous
> initiative that cineworks is doing. their optical
> printer is a very fine machine! one of the things
> that i miss most about vancouver.
> whether they're screening from dvd or film, i wish i
> was going to be in vancouver to see this screening.
> slowly adjusting to life in amsterdam,
> amanda dawn christie
> zeeburgerdijk 73-B
> 1094 AB Amsterdam
> 31-(0)-6-1811-3863
> --- Flick Harrison <email suppressed> wrote:
>> I'm the messenger only - this is from Vancouver's
>> film co-op.
>> Call for Submissions
>> Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society is seeking
>> submissions for
>> Optical Allusions, a screening of media-art works
>> made using optical
>> printers, to take place on 22 January 2008. A nearly
>> gone technology,
>> optical printers once dominated the field of special
>> effects in film,
>> yielding such classic examples as 2001: A Space
>> Odyssey and Star
>> Wars. Today, optical printers have been embraced in
>> the realm of the
>> experimental. This screening will present a number
>> of works from
>> local, national and international media artists
>> whose film work has
>> been manipulated using optical printers. With the
>> only optical
>> printer in town, Cineworks is proud to present this
>> special event to
>> preface to an upcoming workshop exploring
>> introductory optical
>> printer techniques for the experimental filmmaker.
>> Only those included within the program will be
>> contacted. If you'd
>> like your submission previews returned, please
>> include a self-
>> addressed, stamped return envelope.
>> Specifications: Shorts, up to 30 minutes.
>> Screening Format: DVD
>> Submission preview formats: DVD
>> SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 31 December 2007. Please
>> include a covering
>> letter that clearly indicates the director and their
>> contact
>> information, a brief bio and description of the film
>> [50-70 words
>> each], length of the work, year of completion, and
>> the screening format.
>> Artist fees will be paid.
>> Send Submissions to:
>> Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society
>> Attn: Optical Allusions
>> #300-1131 Howe Street
>> Vancouver, BC V6Z 2L7
>> Optical Allusions
>> 22 January 2008, 7:30pm
>> Pacific Cinematheque [1131 Howe Street, Vancouver,
>> BC]
>> For more information, please contact Cheyanne
>> Turions at
>> email suppressed or by phone at 604.685.3841.
>> ***Please disseminate this information widely***
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