Re: Donnell Media Center in Jeopardy

From: Jim Carlile (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 15:24:05 PST

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Because there are 16mm film prints involved, I'll bet the "powers that be"
will want to protect the material or worse

I've seen this movie before. They'll soon deny access because of "security
concerns," and then in a short while, will say that because no one is using
the collection, they are reconsidering it.
Library administrators pull this all the time. The big trend now is to get
rid of things-- especially those that are old. As pretext, they always laud the
 materials, and then in time, reveal that they 'regret' the fact that this or
 that problem has suddenly arisen with them.
If the prints and movie materials are worth any money, private parties will
suddenly approach the Library and volunteer to "partner" with the collection.
They will be cheered as saving angels, and then in a few short years, there
it goes.
Guys, this happens all the time in modern library administration. It's what
causes conscientious research librarians to pull their hair out. The worst,
most gauling thing about this is that if anything destructive happens to the
Collection, it will be promoted by the "powers that be" as a wonderful event.
Sorry to be so negative, but be vigilant here. Hire lawyers if you have to,
to look into the legalities behind divestiture-- some states require public
institutions to hand over materials to other public entities, before anyone
Film materials are extremely desirable on the market, and there will be
pressures on the Library to surrender the Collection-- just like they got rid of
the building property itself.

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