Re: Donnell Media Center in Jeopardy

From: J. Mabe (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 08:25:36 PST

I was quite worried about this news, so I did a little
asking around, and Ill post here the info I got.

Basically, the collection and staff will continue on
at a new location somewhere where theyll be
considered a research collection instead of part of a
branch (which I think is pretty good news). In the 3
or 4 years between the time they become a research
collection and the time they have to leave the current
building, they will continue to provide service at a
temporary spot not far from the current Donnell. They
continue to get support from the library
administration so I guess the only things that are
changing are the building and the films now being part
of a proper research collection.

(and for whats its worth Ive heard nothing but
terrible things about the building itself from
multiple people so maybe its all good news)

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