Call for Unintentional Art

From: Dan Anderson (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Nov 11 2007 - 16:10:59 PST

Call for unintentional art

I'm looking for "found" works, especially public access finds, that
were made in seriousness or idealized for a practical purpose, but
have unintentionally transformed themselves into art. Wacky public
access promos, bearded government conspiracy theorists, bland city
councilmen with curiously absurd haircuts-- I think you know what I'm
talking about. Found footage with a heavy leaning towards "community"
broadcasts and public (mis)information.

I do not care what is the origin of the work, and it will only be
shown in a lawless, underground environment. It will NEVER appear of
the Internet, only for live programs. Depending on the material, it
may be shown in its entirety and/or manipulated for live multimedia
projections. I will send you a $5 check for each batch of submissions,
in order to combat soaring mailing costs.

If you have something, mail to:

Bearded Child Film Festival
c/o Dan Anderson
612 1st Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744

Also, if you have personally created a piece that fits the vibe (ie
weird, lawless, and original), you are also welcome to send a general
submission to the Bearded Child Film Festival at the same address. I
won't send you $5 for these, but it will be eligible for all future BC
screenings without an entry fee. (These, of course, will only be shown
in their entirety unless special permission is granted otherwise.)

For more info:
(yes, I hate myspace as much as you, but...)

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.