Steina at SITE Santa Fe

From: Andrew Ashburn (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 20:32:10 PST


I would like to announce this exhibit.

February 16, 2008 – May 18, 2008

SITE Santa Fe is organizing the first retrospective of the Icelandic artist Steina, a canonical figure in the world of new media art, who now resides in Santa Fe. Long considered a pioneer in the field by artists and curators alike, Steina was an early collaborator with Woody Vasulka, and one of the original co-founders of The Kitchen in New York. For over three decades, she has been making art that has expanded the boundaries of video technology and electronic imaging. Through an ongoing process of experimentation and play, she deftly merged the unlikely and complex languages of electrical engineering and musical composition into a visual aesthetic that has set her apart from her contemporaries.

This exhibition will provide a chronological survey of her work, and includes approximately 25 of her single channel videos and five multi-screen installations from 1970-2000. She will also recreate her significant solo performance, Violin Power (first performed in 1970), accompanied by video installations screening two of her previous performances of the work during the 1970s and more recently, 2003. Steina’s video projection-based environments, which are variable in scale and dimension, anticipated the large-scale multi-screen projections that dominate much of today’s video art. SITE will also publish a ground-breaking monograph complete with color reproductions, a critical essay by new media curator Steve Deitz, and a transcribed interview between Steina and renowned film/media scholar Gene Youngblood. The catalog will significantly enhance the limited state of Steina scholarship, and more broadly, will re-position Steina within the art historical canon.

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