Re: Donnell Media Center in Jeopardy

From: J. Mabe (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 10 2007 - 16:40:45 PST

Oh No! The Donnell, along with Anthology, is the most
important place in the world to me in terms of my film
education. While in high school in South Carolina,
I'd be exposed to a new name in the back issue of some
film journal or book read in the college library
basement and immediately check the online (Iím still
kinda young, 26) catalog of the Donnell to see what I
could see on my next
spend-all-my-savings-shit-job-paid trip to NYC. Then
in college, I'd be sure to set aside a huge chunk of
time each visit to spend in those cramped screening
booths watching Scheeman, Snow, Breer, Hindle, Menken,
Baillie, Jacobs, Smith, Gottheim, Iimura, etc... Itís
where I became intimate with Brakhage and Stuart
Sherman. Itís where Brakhage broke my brain. Itís
where I watched Sonbertís Friendly Witness 5 times.
Itís where I discovered I loved De Hirsch and disliked
Belson. It is, in part (if not maybe largely), the
reason I added a Library Science grad degree to by
film undergrad degree. Iíll be sure to email all
those listed, and encourage others to do the same.

Josh "huge Marie Nesthus fan" Mabe


--- "st.lists" <email suppressed> wrote:

> The buildinIg that houses the Donnell Media Center
> in New York City
> has been sold. And it doesn't look like that the
> plans for the new
> library include the Media Center in a substantial
> way. This was one
> place where you could watch experimental films on
> film. much like
> the rest of New York City, it looks like yet another
> cultural
> institution and resource is being sacrificed to real
> estate profits
> and condos for Wall Street brats.
> Please write to the library urging them to preserve
> this valuable
> resource. I remember making special trips to the
> city so that I could
> watch films, if it disappears it would be a sad
> thing indeed.
> Write to:
> email suppressed,
> email suppressed,
> email suppressed
> email suppressed
> thanks,
> ST
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