Re: burning time code question

From: Doug (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 08 2007 - 10:53:03 PST

On 11/8/07 9:58 AM, "Robert Houllahan" <email suppressed> wrote:

> I need to burn several hours of footage on DVD with burned time code. Is there
> some software that can do this without digitizing each tape? From mini dv
> straight to the burner?
> Most DV decks will have a video output that either has timecode info or can be
> switched on to provide timecode window burnin which you could then connect to
> a standalone dvd burner.
> -Rob-
Yep, on Sony remotes for, say, DSR-11 or VX-2000, it's the "Display" button.
Then the code that shows up on the screen is included in the video out, like
the RCA video out or the S-video out.
    If you don't use the "Display" function, sometimes you see time code on
the camera's screen, but it isn't included in video out.

    But if this doesn't work out, remember that you're creating a DVD with
unchanging time code. It's only a small matter that it doesn't have the
same zero point, or any other unique point, as your cassette. Just make a
note of where zero is on the DVD (again, use the "Display" button on the DVD
remote) and match that to the same frame on the camera original, and Bob's
your uncle, you dig?
    If you use an edit program, they often let you change the time code to
match your DVD, so you won't have to do all that math in your head.
    Please call with any questions. I love to chat about this stuff.


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