Cinema Project Presents For Life Against the War!

From: Jeremy Rossen (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Nov 06 2007 - 13:21:32 PST

Hey Frameworkers,

I have been traveling and forgot to post this to the listings. We are very excited to be screening both For Life Against the War and For Life Against the War. Hope people in the Portland Oregon area can make it out.

Much Love,

Cinema Project
Jeremy Rossen and Autumn Campbell

For Life Against The War / For Life Against the War...Again

In 1967, a group of artists put out a call for “a personal declaration by
American filmmakers for life and against the War.” Sixty films running under
three minutes were eventually compiled and screened as part of The Week of
the Angry Arts, a music and arts festival which mobilized the protest
movement. This remarkable compilation includes contributions from Manfred
Kirkheimer, Peter Ellison, Ron Finne, Lee Savage, Lionel Martinez, Lloyd M.
Williams, USCO, Peter Gessner, Hilary Harris, Leo Hurwitz, Peggy Lawson,
Tommy Hurwitz, Lewis Jacobs, Stan Vanderbeek, Robert Fiore, Larry Jordan,
Don Duga, Barbara Fultz, Stan Brakhage, Rudy Burckhardt, Nina Feinberg,
Wendy Clarke, Shirley Clarke, Betty Ferguson, Maurice Amar, Richard Preston,
Robert Breer, Max Phillips, Jerry Wakefield, Tom Bissenger, Ken Jacobs, Mark
Sadan, Norman V. Berg, Fred Wellington, Allen Siegel, Allen Schaff, John
Willemeyer, Henry J. Korn, Jonas Mekas, Abbott Meader, George Breidenbach,
Abbe Borov, Ben Van Meter, Michael Snow, Joyce Wieland, A.M. Jimenez,
Stephen Sellinger, Victor Grauer, Charles Levine, Bob Kinney, Dave Lambert,
Mat Hoffman, Karl Bissenger, and M-Movie Subscription Group.

40 years later in a similar spirit New York Film-makers Cooperative issued
an invitation to protest yet another war. The response was overwhelming,
bringing together 26 new works from several generations of artists unified
by a singular goal of a cinema of peace. Thus was born For Life Against The
War…Again, with works by Barabra Hammer, Lynne Sachs, Ken Jacobs, Lynn
Kirby, Mark Street, Bradley Eros, Bill Morrison, MM Serra, and others.
Cinema Project will premiere these two compilations of short films and
videos aside each other over two evenings.

November 6th

For Life Against The War pt.1 [1967, 75 min, b&w/color, 16mm]
For Life Against the War….Again pt.1 [2006, 39 min, b&w/color, DV]

November 7th

For Life Against The War pt.2 [1967, 75min, b&w/color, 16mm]
For Life Against The War…Again pt.2 [2006, 39 min, b&w/color, DV]

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