Re: avid camera problems

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 03 2007 - 16:03:28 PDT

do you have avid support i would call them
sometimes i have problems w/ FCP seeing our HD camera but we never have this
problem with decks
can you maybe use someones dv deck?


On 11/3/07, ev petrol <email suppressed> wrote:
> hello all ...
> i'm having fierce problems getting avid to recognize my dv camera, ie it
> won't, no matter what i do
> i'm using avid 4.3 express pro on a dell precision M64 with a canon ntsc
> ZR25MC - was all working a treat, then suddenly all i'm getting is the no
> deck message
> tried changing tapes, turning the camera on & off, restarting with it both
> on & off, re-installing avid, auto-configuring & checking decks in the
> capture tool, setting the deck configuration channel to generic device &
> also tried the 'bob fix' from the avid forums
> the computer recognizes the camera fine, it pops up in the 'my computer'
> window & the basic windows editor will import from it no problem
> any geniuses out there who could help?
> thanks! moira t
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