Re: how much of what we see is black?

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Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 15:43:12 PDT

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The flicker isn't darkness?? What is it then?

If, on a modern projector, the 4fps image is actually a repeat of each frame
but still running the blade at 24fps (i.e. it's a 24fps movie but each frame
is repeated several times, giving a 4 fps "story" but with 24 flickers per
second), then it's not a disproof of p.o.v.

The flickers are the same, even if you play a single freeze-frame at 24fps

Try hand-cranking a projector so that the black stays for 5 seconds. Notice
it? I betcha do.

You notice it because it's there. There's no light. You don't notice it
because it's piling up, the way the bright frames do that are being run
intermittently when the projector goes faster.
Flicker is caused by the 'intermittency' of the projected frames, not the
darkness caused by the sector blade intervals. If you could somehow replace the
sector blade dark moments with white light, say during the pulldown phase or
when the other blades circle around and break up the image, you'd still have
The POV theory tries to have it both ways. It says that the bright frames
pile up in the eye, but the dark, blade-sector moments don't. It can't explain
why the dark periods don't add up. If POV were true, those dark periods would
have to have more of an effect than just breaking up the bright ones.

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