Can't find good help in NYC?

From: Adam Marchand (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 27 2007 - 08:24:51 PDT

Need an apprentice? Have a lot of tedious film or film business work
that needs attention? Want to foster the creative spirit in some
sweet-cheeked nascent film and vido maker?

I'm your man!

The artists of yore had always apprenticed and, in turn, taken on
apprentices when they had come to some mastery of their medium and had
too much work for one to handle alone. Has that dedicated, intimate,
reciprocal relationship died in the modern word?

I am inquiring if there are any film or video makers in NYC that feel
they need help with the tedious, the banal, the mechanical aspects of
the medium and would want to take on an apprentice. I can: Shoot
with or learn any camera quickly, light, dress sets, build sets, edit
on several platforms (Avid, FCP, tabletop Steenbeck, super8, linear
analog video), hand scratch film, hand paint film, file, wash film,
archive, dub, record sound, deliver, clean, make coffee, act as liason
or scrivener, draft, purchase, sell, maintain equipment, install
installations, document installations, and learn anything I do not

What I may be looking for in return is a room to live in (if needed)
or a reasonable stipend and some education beyond my BFA in the
practical machinations of the artist.

I have looked at internships and most seem in our medium to be free
labor rather than any learning experience, and will often not consider
graduates as they can't offer credit in lieu of pay. This would be
modeled after the artist/ apprentice relationships of the past. I can
offer a reel of my work, references, and wahtever else you may need to
consider this proposition.

Thank you,

Adam Marchand

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