Jacobs/Views From The Avantgarde 2007 (was: Re: TIE-2007 PROGRAM ONLINE (Montréal))

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 21:35:40 PDT

> It appears Ken Jacob's has a film called CAPITALISM: CHILD LABOR
> ('06). I've now seen one of his films (with eyeglasses that did
> not function, or eyes that were not amenable, it doesn't matter
> which). I picture this new film breaking down the movements of a
> child working in a textile mill. And at brief moments I imagine
> seeing something that is NOT mechanical, that cannot be described
> verbally. You can't theorize or generalize, you can't systematize
> such things! Jacob's program notes imagine a rescue by the bosses
> - "Boys, we got a war for you."
> Bernie

I just tried to say something original about this film but I can't
add much to Michael Sicinsky's notes/review here.

In some ways hard to take but at the same time I couldn't help but
think "it should have been 10 hours long."


While on the subject of "Views" 2007 - I only managed to catch 2
programs -- I was also quite taken with David Gatten's new work; to
add to "Academic Hack's" comments, "How To Conduct A Love Affair" was
quite classical (now that we can I think reasonably refer to AG/Exp
as able to be that) and at the same time, fresh, eye-opening, frame
to frame.

I think I need a separate post to talk about Phil Solomon and the
three films (wider usage of the term) of "In Memoriam: Mark LaPore".
Simply put, these amazing works stunned me.


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