Re: battery question

From: Flick Harrison (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 11:16:45 PDT

Ha ha, as a Vancouverite, solar power is not quite ever the first
idea that comes to my mind.

Rain-powered, now that would be awesome.

On 22-Oct-07, at 7:54 PM, ben d wrote:

> In response to both Robert and Flick,
> I've used a combination of power sources when needing to charge
> camera batteries, satellite phones, etc. in the bush. I've run
> solar panels through an inverter and it worked well, But I didn't
> charge the camera batteries directly from that source. I hauled in
> two marine batteries and charged them from the solar panels (they
> take DC fine). From there I charged the camera batteries from the
> marine via an inverter.
> Charge the mains while you are out shooting in the day and there's
> sun for the charge at your base camp. Charge the camera and other
> batteries at night from the main batteries when the sun is down.
> All our electronics work was also done in Vancouver on 2000-2002
> technology. Not sure if things have changed since then. Now I just
> wind my Bolex.
> Worked for my situations, hope it helps.
> Ben

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