Re: What would happen? Very small shutter angle and slow rotation.

From: Steven Lyle (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 22 2007 - 22:02:53 PDT

Dear Sam: Hmmmm...I might be onto something unique, but I was hoping that
  someone had already tried it so I would know before going through all the trouble
  of making a speical narrowed angled shutter and replacing the original one.
  Wasn't a special shutter used for some sequences in "Saving Private Ryan.?"
  Strobe effect?
  Best regards,

Sam Wells <email suppressed> wrote:
> Tell me the exact effect!

I don't know the exact effect. Try it and tell us !

(the shutter will not travel at a right angle - if you are using the
motion picture camera's shutter - why I suggest the image may be
skewed with respect to frame to frame differential in the image. then
again with short exposure time I'm not sure if you'd see that or not).


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