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The link to your essay doesn’t seem to work – I constantly get a 404 message
– not found.





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Freya and all,

I had in mind books like The Structural Film Anthology (ed. Peter Gidal),
Abstract Film and Beyond (Malcolm Le Grice), as well as journals like Studio
International, Undercut (The Undercut Reader, ed. by Michael Mazière and
Nina Danino, is a terrific resource), and Afterimage (specifically
Afterimage 6 - 1976 - which was devoted entirely to British avant-garde
cinema). Though all of these sources address international a-g- film, they
focused primarily on the UK, with a heavy emphasis on the LFMC, and, with
the exception of the Undercut stuff, on "Structural-materialist" film and
British expanded cinema. So, when I say that a "new wave" of scholarship
would be a good thing, I don't mean to criticize these books and journals,
all of which I love; I just mean that newer scholarship might consider a
wider range of practices in the UK. And given my experience seeing Shoot
Shoot Shoot, there's A LOT more to say about structural-materialist film and
expanded cinema than has been said.

The program notes for Shoot Shoot Shoot, including excellent essays by A.L.
Rees and Mark Weber, begin the job of re-thinking some of these things, as
does Rees's book A History of Experimental Film and Video, the second half
of which focuses on a-g film/video in the UK. I would include The Undercut
Reader in this group, too.

And if I may be brazenly self-serving for a moment, an essay of mine on
Anthony McCall has just been launched on Luxonline. I address the LFMC as a
context for his work in section 3 of my essay, and in an essay in a
forthcoming anthology published by Rodopi called Avant-Garde Film (ed.
Dietrich Scheunemann and Alexander Graf); that essay is entitled "The
Paracinema of Anthony McCall and Tony Conrad." The Luxonline essay can be
found here:

Best regards and happy reading,


Jonathan Walley
Assistant Professor
Cinema Department
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On Oct 17, 2007, at 12:11 AM, Freya wrote:

These sound like general texts tho? Do they contain
stuff specific to the u.k.?

I like your idea of publishers targeting google!
However havn't there always been things floating
around such as "the definitive Richard Clayderman
collection", even before more recent times?

It's seems a shame if authors can't choose their own
titles to the books. :(

Thanks for the info Jack!



--- Jack Sargeant <email suppressed> wrote:

BTW Jonathon, you mention a new wave, does that


there was an old wave, and if so can you recommend


texts etc?

presumably the old wave of film scholarship was:
Film As Subversive
Art / Visionary Film / The Underground Film and so
on.... the stuff
published in 60s / 70s.....



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