Re: TIE-2007 PROGRAM ONLINE Tom Rhoads instead of Luther Price

From: Patrick Friel (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 20 2007 - 14:43:54 PDT

Hello Michael (and all),

Tom Rhodes and Luther Price are the same person. Luther went under the name
"Tom Rhodes" for a while.

Patrick Friel

On 10/20/07 2:21 PM, "Michael Paré" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Program notes altered: Evidently the first 2 films in the Super-8
> screening are by Tom Rhoads, but Luther Price is the maker of "Kittens
> Grow Up" in the program entitled "Love".
> On 10/18/07, Michael Pare <email suppressed> wrote:
>> It would be cool if you could make it. Enjoy!
>> On 10/17/07, john porter <email suppressed> wrote:
>>> Thanks Michael, for those details in a plain text
>>> email. The TIE programs are jpegs of text so I can't
>>> copy & paste the details for my Upcoming Events page.
>>> I've had the Montevideo festival on my page for quite
>>> a while and thought that "that was it". Now this
>>> Montreal version suddenly appeared and caught me by
>>> surprise. I'd like to go, but short notice. The
>>> opening super 8 screening looks incredible, and fun -
>>> in the bar instead of that university building (ugh).
>>> John.
>>>> Hi John. This is a film festival. Not a
>>>> tour/retrospective show. This year, they
>>>> are holding two major international fests with
>>>> all-new film
>>>> programs/films/in-person filmmakers/curators etc.
>>>> The first is held
>>>> November 2-4 in Montreal. The second is held
>>>> November 21-24 in
>>>> Montevideo, Uruguay.
>>>> Preceding Montevideo, Uruguay, TIE-2007: Montréal,
>>>> Canada, November
>>>> 2-4, hosts a thirty-film line-up that includes work
>>>> by Diane Kitchen,
>>>> Frank Biesendorfer, Luther Price, Michael Robinson
>>>> and Jeanne Liotta,
>>>> as well as recent films by Robert Todd and Jonathan
>>>> Schwartz, among
>>>> other programs and films. TIE-2007: Montevideo,
>>>> Uruguay, hosts an
>>>> entirely unique selection of films and programs.
>>>> Interested parties
>>>> are therefore encouraged to attend both TIE-2007
>>>> festivals.
>>>> Both Locations begin with Mont (or Mount). There are
>>>> no coincidences.
>>>> Sorry, I'm confused.
>>>> Is it a tour? Of the festival a year ago in Denver?
>>>> Is it an annual tour?
>>>> Is there an itinerary?
>>>> Does the program change for every city? To what
>>>> degree?
>>> John Porter, Toronto, Canada
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