NYC Screening Tonight

From: Caroline Koebel (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 20 2007 - 10:57:21 PDT

NYC Frameworkers: would be great to see some of you tonight, CK

New York - Millennium Film Workshop - 66 E. 4th Street
Saturday, October 20, 8PM, $8

Situated at a crossroads, City Film Berlin is a multidirectional program of
new cinema by Caroline Koebel. The filmmaker shot the two featured titles
Berlin Warszawa Express and Alex, Wait! while living as a pregnant artist in
Berlin. These works traverse performance and film, documentation and
intervention, seriality and narrative, rhythm and stillness, tourist
snapshot and meditative portrait, the city film genre and conceptual art.

They re-site the kino eye in the protruding belly, the filmmaker becoming a
visible body and a body of vision. Inverse to Walter Ruttmann¹s Berlin:
Symphony of A City in which the camera was hidden in order to capture the
metropolis in its authenticity, in these films the spectacle of the
filmmaker as public maternal body casts shadow enough on the camera in
effect to conceal it.

The program also includes a collaboration with Katherine Crockett of the
Martha Graham Dance Company, a reenactment of a 1968 action by Valie Export
and Peter Weibel starring Tony Conrad and Bernadette Wegenstein,  and two
16mm shorts.

Full Program:

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