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From: Tom B Whiteside (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Oct 20 2007 - 05:41:23 PDT

I don't think that you can make a film loop with DVD's.

        - Tom

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Re: film loop

I'm not a pc user either, but I did run an
installation/curated film program a while ago that
required film/video from different dvd's and tapes.
The easiest way is as the below poster said. Compile
the videos into one quicktime/wmv/mpeg2 file with
accompanying audio or embedded audio, insert this into
one track in a dvd authoring program, and assign that
track to jump to chapter one of that same track
(called end jump is dvd studio pro). The dvd should
therefore repeat infinitely until your player is shut


--- Bernd Lützeler <email suppressed> wrote:

> I dont think a DVD changer would work. I think only
> a single
> "tailormade" DVD would run in a loop.
> - confirm with all filmmakers that you are allowed
> to rip the films
> from the DVDs and copy them to a new DVD.
> - in any case you need disk space. and you need a
> DVD burner in your PC
> - go to, go to "tools" and find
> the software to rip
> the DVDs without region code and copy protection.
> (I'm on mac so I have no clue what is the right
> software for PCs)
> - now you need a software that "demuxes" the films
> into ".m2v" and
> audio (might be various formats like ".aiff" or
> ".wav" or ".ac3")
> - now you need a DVD-authoring software. In that you
> can import the
> demuxed files and build a DVD that only contains the
> films you want.
> these authoring softwares are quiet complex, so you
> might need
> someone to explain it or do it for you.
> - destroy the DVD after the show is over.
> b

Charles Chadwick
humanity, ltd.

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