Re: film loop

From: Bernd Lützeler (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2007 - 21:14:29 PDT

I dont think a DVD changer would work. I think only a single
"tailormade" DVD would run in a loop.
- confirm with all filmmakers that you are allowed to rip the films
from the DVDs and copy them to a new DVD.
- in any case you need disk space. and you need a DVD burner in your PC
- go to, go to "tools" and find the software to rip
the DVDs without region code and copy protection.
(I'm on mac so I have no clue what is the right software for PCs)
- now you need a software that "demuxes" the films into ".m2v" and
audio (might be various formats like ".aiff" or ".wav" or ".ac3")
- now you need a DVD-authoring software. In that you can import the
demuxed files and build a DVD that only contains the films you want.
these authoring softwares are quiet complex, so you might need
someone to explain it or do it for you.
- destroy the DVD after the show is over.


Am 20. Okt 2007 um 7:47 Uhr schrieb John Matturri:

> A friend is having a gallery show that will include a loop of a
> number of full-length avant-garde films (with full permission) on
> dvd. The total running time would be under two hours. Some of the
> films are presumably copyable dvds supplied by the filmmakers and
> in some cases the filmmakers supplied her with commercial releases
> which are not copyable. Any suggestions how to have the loop
> automatically running continuously in the gallery?
> Might a dvd changer work? A problem with this might be that the
> commercial releases have a number of films, only one of which will
> be shown.
> Thanks.
> j
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