Urban Research Screening

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 19 2007 - 00:57:29 PDT

urban research

Film and Urbanism: Urban Space changes with
growing velocity. For quite a long time, "the
city" has been an important theme for artists.
However, this film program presents a collection
of artists who deal with more recent developments
of cities, and urban, public spaces. The program
has been curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr, and it
comprises experimental, animated, and essay
films. These films complement each other in a
discourse about life and architecture in
contemporary cities.

1) Detroit Park, Julie Murray, DV, USA 2005, 8:00
2) Drum Symphony - Rumpu Zinfonia, Seppo Renvall, DV, FIN 2005, 21:00
3) Blumenthal, Karola Schlegelmilch, DV, DE 2006, 7:30
4) There is Nothing There, Katerina Seda, DV, CZ 2003, 14:00
5) Nocturnal Dance, Thanos Chrysakis, DV, UK 2003, 8:43
6) Bike, Oliver Whitehead, DV, FIN 1999, 4:30
7) Bullying: Stand Alone, Jae-Joon Cho, DV, UK 2005, 6:50
8) Fear Itself...Yeah Right, Ivan Martinez, DV, USA 2006, 7:00

Info on Urban Research 2007

| Fr 19 Oct. 2007 at 19:30, presented by Klaus
W. Eisenlohr | Cinema Kommunales Kino |

reading architecture
Two film screenings and one exhibition of Klaus
W. Eisenlohr are being presented in Freiburg, at
Alter Wiehre Bahnhof. Kommunales Kino Freiburg
and Architecture Days Alsace and
Baden-Württemberg host these shows concerned with
architecture and urban space.

Location: Kommunales Kino
Alter Wiehre Bahnhof
Urachstr. 40
79102 Freiburg
Tel. +49 - 761 - 709033

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