NEWS from The Journal of Short Film (Part II of III, or the Portland event):

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Date: Wed Oct 17 2007 - 17:18:37 PDT

NEWS from The Journal of Short Film (Part II of III, or the Portland

We’re excited to finally have an event on the left coast, and this show
is undeniably experimental. On 10/20, we’re joining up with Asthmatic
Kitty Records to take part in their Unusual Animals series. You may
know AKR best for Sufjan Stevens, but the label is stacked with
countless other amazing talent, as well. Plus, there will be films
from Vanessa Renwick, Karl Lind, Chel White, Jeremy Bird, Uli Beutter,
Stephen Slappe, Ryan Jeffery, and Matt McCormick.

See all the event details below, and if you’re in the area be sure and
say hi.

WHAT: The “Unusual Animals” show, presented by The Journal of Short
Film, Meow Meow Presents, and Asthmatic Kitty Records. All ages. Free
WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 20th, 3pm
WHERE: Urbangrind Coffee Eastside, 2214 NE Oregon, Portland, OR

Here is some backstory from AKR:
“Unusual Animals, an imprint of the internationally celebrated music
label Asthmatic Kitty, was created as a side-project aimed to expose
more conceptual and experimental projects not fitting squarely into
any one genre of music. Originally, Unusual Animals explored these
sounds through vinyl-only releases, pairing its own artists with
friends and sometimes-unlikely bedfellows.

“During this year's SXSW music festival, however, Asthmatic Kitty took
the Unusual Animals' series one step farther by hosting a live event
that forced the Unusual Animals' artists from the dash of car stereos
and into live performances. The combination of local art, music,
piñatas, food, and culture brought about the second evolution in the
series and a shift in focus. No longer strictly highlighting
underexposed artists, the series now explores the contribution of all
community members, urging the planet to recognize the variety of
activities that make up the cultural being that defines a given city.”

The all-Portland-artist event should be a great, weird time. The venue
is in a nice, warehouse-y section of NE PDX near 22nd and Oregon. Join
us! ==karl
mechem at

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